How to Look Chic in the Heat from Celeb Stylist Erin Walsh

Erin Walsh, Hollywood Stylist shares tips on how to look good when the heat’s on. -PJ Gach...more

Where To Go When You're 9 Months Pregnant?

So, I’ve mentioned before that when I was 7 months pregnant I was put on total, 100% bed rest.  We’re talking all day, everyday, lying in bed on my left side, getting up only to go pee!...more

How To Wear Orange (Without Looking Like You're In Costume)

Halloween is nearly upon us! The leaves are changing and there's a nip in the air - all sure-fire signs of fall. I always have a pang for new school-clothes and boots at this time of year and, while I appreciate fabulous costumes, I'm more likely to work a subtle touch of autumnal color into my wardrobe. Did you know orange can be a neutral? I'm going to show you how.Here are five ways to wear orange without looking like you're going Trick or Treating.1. ...more
And one big DON'T: Don't wear it with black. You'll look like nothing BUT Halloween.more

Cardinal in My Garden

Cardinal in my Garden is about having a natural outlook on life through clothes and hair. Just like nature, clothes and hair can be very subtle and sweet, or they can amaze you beyond belief. ...more

Put some spring in your step!

It's sort of a winter-ish, windy day outside my window, but nonetheless, I'm excited for SPRING! No doubt we'll be seeing a whole lotta coral colors, lace textures, and neutral-toned shoes. Here are a few lil' items that are makin' me stoked on spring.The Hive & Honey Embroidered Sundress IS spring itself--radiant coral color and the embroidered detail are DELISH....more

Lloyd Boston: Some Style Tips from a Master

For some of us fashion is fun, for others it can be hard work. We can all look at clothes on hangers and admire colors and styles. The trick is to figure out what is on the hanger at the store and what should be hanging in your closet. That's why celebrities have been in the habit of hiring stylists to help them pick out what looks best on them. Sometimes it helps to have an expert view of what you should buy and what you should leave behind. Especially if you are trying to stay within a budget. But what do you do if you can't afford a celebrity stylist? ...more

Affordable Trench Coats

Dear Fashionistas; Have you noticed the bit of change in the weather back and forth? On those days while the high is 60 degrees you may want to put away your heavy winter coat and check out a trench! Trenches are wardrobe workhorses--sophisticated and timeless. Girlfriends, take a look and find the perfect one for you at a great price! ...more

The white trench coat really stands out for me. 

Maria ...more

Lucy Tee Contest and Chic Moms Guide

How do I stay current on trends. Read like mad. Recently I came across a press release announcing a new book by Nina Sutton: The Chic Mom's Guide To Feeling Fabulous: Easy tips for an amazing life after the stork has arrived and beyond! ...more