Finding Kink Community

Since my acceptance of my submissive side, I have found myself looking for friends.  With the change in my relationships, it became harder to discuss my love life with the women I’d known for years. Although some difficulty was due to not feeling like explaining things like “sub-frenzy” or my frustrations with FetLife, more was just wanting to be in an environment where I could be my full self.  I went to my first munch at a bowling alley in Atlanta.  I met Dom(me)s and subs. Kinksters and fetishists....more

My Journey Towards Embracing My Submissive Side

It's been nerve-wracking, deciding to post this.  In an effort to write my truth, I took an unintended hiatus, mainly because I was trying to figure out what my truth actually is. Finally, however, I can say it without doubt, or fear: I am a submissive.  ...more
I would like to thank you for your courage and honesty!! Too many people in this world have the ...more

Biblical marriage and that forbidden "S" word

So if you have read any of my other blogs you know by now that I am in a life change process. Part of this process is losing all of my 90+ pregnancy pounds but the other part is becoming a biblical wife, more commonly referred to as "submissive". I have been doing my own research on what it truly means to be a biblical wife and what the bible actually says about a wives duties and characteristics.   ...more
You are a beautiful and God Bless you!! As a Dom I agreed with your words 100% and would love to ...more

What Biblical Submission Really Is

I'm sure some of y'all have heard or seen the interview that Candace Cameron Bure gave. The one I'm talking about is on Biblical submission. Some who interviewed her or talked about it later without talking to her got the information wrong and twisted. Jane Velez-Mitchell totally got it wrong and not only that, she threw a fit on national TV. Are you kidding me? Screaming and yelling to be heard. Oh, yes, that will make people listen to your side. Nope, sorry, that in my opinion made her look like a child throwing a fit when they don't get their way, or when someone tells them no....more

Back-to-School with the Judy Blume Project: Jim Denney's 'Martian Girl' Part 2

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Back-to-School with the Judy Blume Project: Jim Denney's 'Martian Girl' Part 1

We'd LOVE to see this cute little badge on YOUR blog!  ...more


I had a dream a few months back that I was dangling on a roller coaster, my hands gripping the sides of a drop-off that went straight down into blackness.  I was in my car with my children, for heaven’s sakes.  I couldn’t risk their lives letting my clunky Chevy Tahoe loose on these metal tracks.  What kind of mother would let go? I couldn’t tell if my car was strapped in or if I would fly off into the cold air.  Where would I land?  Who would provide for them?  What would I do?  Help, Lord!...more

For for Him: How to encourage your Husband to take up Leadership in your Home

 A couple of years ago, my husband began leading our family in a time of "family worship".The routine usually looks something like this: After dinner- during dessert, Daddy reads a Bible story to the kids, sometimes they recite a memory verse, we usually sing a hymn or two, pray, and sing the doxology....more

Rejection Slips for Wallpaper

If you've seen one rejection, you've seen them all.Not true. Just this week, I received a rejection within 24 hours of submission. Horrendous, you say. Not really. The story didn't meet with the magazine's needs. Of course, I could have spent more time going through the story, flipping back and forth to and from the guidelines for several hours. Since I didn't take that time, I was blessed to get a personal note from the editor who told me why the rejection was necessary, that he realy liked my writing, and that he'd be pleased to see more of my work....more

The Troubling Message in Fifty Shades of Grey

As someone who believes the world could do with a more open-minded approach to peoples consensual sexual interests, I wanted to like Fifty Shades of Grey. But as I read the book, I found it not only sets people who live a BDSM lifestyle back decades in terms of being understood by society, but that it eroticizes dangerous practices as well, especially for those who are new to this aspect of sexuality and looking to incorporate it into their lives. ...more
foalpapers Geeze, I thought it was just a popular sexytime book. This is horrible :(more