Birthing a New Project

Inspiration When I started really taking my creative writing seriously a few years ago, I engulfed myself in the online publishing community. I subscribed to a ton of blogs, followed publishing news and joined in some networks. One thing I could not find was a literary publication that resonated for me....more

In which you don't care

ot that you care, but every morning (well, Monday through Friday) I get up, take out the dog, make the coffee, drink my CHOCOLATE protein shake and quickly glance at the paper to see how stupid the world is and realize that once again, nobody has asked for my input. ...more

How to Query a Literary Agent

I continue to be amazed at the amount of odd and unprofessional queries I sort through during my internship as a 'first reader' for a literary agency. Topping last week's reads: someone apologized for not following the professional guidelines but admitted to being "frankly" quite frustrated with and angered by each agency's specific requests. That tone, my friends, will get you nowhere. ...more

I'm an agented writer, and I confess I'd love to have your job for a day! I'm just so darned ...more

Magnolia Journal call for socially engaged literature by women

We are pleased to announce the first open call for submissions for our new annual print literary magazine, Magnolia Journal. Continuing in the tradition of our e-lit mag, Magnolia Journal will feature socially engaged works by women from around the globe....more

Ink on the Rejection Slips

A passage that ought to give all struggling writers hope, from Booker-prize winner Graham Swift's Making an Elephant....more

First Pages of Submissions: Three Rules

So these days reading slush for Ploughshares and Redivider, as well as working for Fringe, I'm reading a lot of pour-water-over-my-head-to-wake-myself-back-up, clamp-jumper-cables-to-my-nipples-to-wake-me-back-up, boring-as-rust first pages. ...more

Tips on Cover Letters

Here at Fringe, we see a lot of cover letters from submitters, ranging from the perfectly-composed traditional cover letter to the multi-page biography. A good cover letter allows your work to stand on its own, while a bad one can be off-putting to editors and start them out with an attitudinal deficit. As a service to writers and editors everywhere, I thought I'd run through some of the most frequent pitfalls, at least by Fringe standards. ...more