Candace Cameron Bure, Submissive Wives, and What I Think About Both

Candace Cameron Bure recently released her latest book, Balancing It All, and with its release came some strong opinions about one of the concepts. Being submissive has an immediate negative connotation, but in the aspect of being a submissive wife, it's actually a good thing if you take the time to understand what it really means....more
lovewhatido365 It sounds like this works well for you.  That must be a challenge having him away ...more

Submission, On These Conditions...

                                             The big controversial S word, No not sex; ‘Submission’! I know this term make some women squirm, but we have to put things into perspective here. Submission serves a purpose in the male and female dynamic, and I have often heard that there’s power in submission. A man definitely wants feel like a man, and wants to be king of his castle, which is understandable. I can definitely fall back and let a man be a man, but is he even worth it? ...more

Dominant Man

Propensity for Submission                                           ...more