The Geurilla Mother...Worse Than Tiger Mother???

So I live in the mundane suburbia of Ohio.  If you've been  to one Ohio suburb you've been to them all.  I have to say that it may be every where, but I suspect that I live in a "Guerilla Mom" hotbed.  I have affectionately called them the "Viet Mom".  They are the mothers with older children that talk down to the rest of us as though we don't have the ability to understand big words or concepts.  Those Know-It-All mothers who could use their child rearing  knowledge to be helpful to others, but instead make the fateful decision to lord their sai...more


I consider myself to be a fairly tolerant person.  I am open-minded.  I'm one of those unique people out there who are considered liberal-Catholics.  I have my faith, which is so important to who I am, but at the same time, I'm financially liberal (hello, working in a legal services agencies kind of makes that a given, right?), and I may offend several of you out but I am pro-gay marriage and pro-choice.  Now would I choose to have an abortion.  No, not at all.  But I don't judge.  I'm happy to listen to your viewpoints and consider them.&nb...more

Extra! Extra! Second Post Attempts to Go High Tech!

If you are reading this post then I’m getting closer to understanding the ways of technology. Nevermind that it took me a good half hour to figure out how to get into the text box to start typing these profound words of wisdom. Just know this post is historically significant in that it was the first blog post I’ve ever sent from my cell phone. Which means you, dear reader, are now a witness to history.What a precious and glorious gem to treasure and pass on to your kin!Not too shabby for a Wednesday, huh?...more