When anonymous was ok.

When I was in college there was this amazing feeling I used to get leaving the campus and stepping off the subway in some part of the city, knowing that no one knew where I was. The idea was rather thrilling since up until that point, for the most part, people knew where I was, or at least where I was supposed to be. The feeling of being part of the crowd was liberating and mysterious. Sometimes I didn't even know where I was riding the subway to myself. Would I get off at Government Center or take the Red Line to Harvard Square?...more

A letter to my fellow riders of the T...

Dear Fellow Riders of the T, Hey.  How are you?...more

Rape Culture on the MTA: A Rude Awakening on the 2/3 Train

Since when do disrespect and violence inspire applause? I must have missed the moment when sexually harassing people and violating their privacy became an entertaining and admirable action that our culture condones and applauds. Can someone fill me in on when that happened? When riding the subway home to my apartment, a man came on the train with a guitar and amplifier. Hearing performers is a common occurrence on the subway in New York, but this man did not come onto the subway to perform music....more
This is a pretty shallow interpretation of the scene from On the Waterfront. For starters, it ...more

I Almost Peed on the Subway

Before every outing, Cool Boy and I engage in this little dance, though it’s not as fun as it sounds. It goes like this:...more

Work it out part 2

Part 2, written by Blair and Blaine:So remember that one time when I said you’re welcome for not uploading pictures of us working out because that would definitely not be something you’d want to see?  To bad.  Here it is guys.  Our very own sweat, and tears....more

New York: Secrets Revealed- The Garbage Monster

Living in an elevator shaft under Time Square Subway Station, there is a Garbage Monster....more

I've Made Better Choices

I'm currently sharing my recliner with the puppy who is enjoying the warmth from the packs on my legs. I'm nursing sore muscles from the bright decision I've made to get in shape. It was total (unknown) peer pressure. My best friend ran her first 10k a couple weeks ago and I don't know if it's my competitive nature or the fact that even my underwear is small, but I decided I wanted to introduce a little fitness in my life. ...more

There's A Nickel In My Pantyhose

This morning my alarm clock went off so early that it wasn't even light out yet. After swearing allot and hitting snooze a couple of times, I dragged myself out of bed to get ready for my temp job interview in Midtown.I quickly got dressed in my black business dress,blazer and nude pantyhose with classic black heels.Going to job interviews in NYC during the winter is sucktastic, because you can't wear boots to change out of unless you want to look like a big bag lady....more

The Human Spirit

"You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing and dance and write poems and suffer and understand, for all of that is life."   I got on the train last night and there was a homeless guy picking at his dirty socks. He looked to be about 70. He had no teeth and no hair on the top of his head... with the exception of little wispy grey feathers of hair around the edges of his ears....more