Why Am I Such A Bad Blogger?

Why am I such a bad blogger?My past few returns to blogging have been oh-so-brief and bookended by long stretches of time. I have a few ideas why...It's not that I haven't been thinking of my beloved blog, because I certainly do! All the time! I maintain lengthy lists of blog ideas that I add to on a frequent basis stored in my phone, and I even have a handful of almost completed posts saved on blogger.com....more

Risk Taker? Or Flaker! 5 Confidence Boosters to Use Today!

  "Confidence is like a muscle. The stronger it gets with each use." - UnknownLet's cut to the chase and get right to it!  CONFIDENCE BOOSTER #1...1....more
Improving your self esteem and building up your confidence will greatly enhance your life. Your ...more