The Hidden War Against Female Journalists in Sudan

  Amal Habbani, one of Sudan's leading female journalists, has 12 years of experience and a master's degree, but she can't find a job.  "I remember that day very well. I went to work on the 9th of March and I was told that I was suspended for being an activist," said Habbani.  ...more
Brilliant Article. Its such a shame women get targeted for expressing their views and if a man ...more

Sudanese aubergine (eggplant) dip

This recipe was given to me by my lovely Sudanese friend EB. It is called aswada: aswad means black in Arabic, and is the Sudanese word for aubergine (eggplant) because of its black skin. This dip is a cousin to babaghanoush, but with peanut and lime in place of tahina and lemon. It should be sharp and zingy and very garlicky.On Friday I had some of my absolute favourite ladies over for supper: Madame la Moue, Mrs Madeira, Mrs H, Madame Pantalon and me Julie. This went down very nicely with a glass of wine as a pre-dinner snack.Aswada...more

Films About Darfur

“The Save Darfur Coalition” is an alliance of over 180 faith-based, advocacy and human rights organizations whose mission is to raise public awareness about the ongoing genocide in Darfur and to mobilize a unified response to the atrocities that threaten the lives of more than two million people in the Darfur region.”...more

ICC warrants + Sudan's president = toxic cocktail

A protest against the ICC and in support of Sudan's president in Khartoum, March 4, 2009. Photo/REUTERS ...more

Good news out of Darfur

You may still be grappling at the title of my post but read on. One of the most active rebel groups fighting in Darfur and the government in Khartoum have agreed to sign a so-called "declaration of good intentions" which could further lead to a possible peace deal in the region. What does it mean? ...more

How do you negotiate with a mad man? The Lord's Resistance Army is accused of killing hundreds during Christmas celebrations

  AFP/Getty Images - Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, in 2006. "Noooooo....," ...more

A friend of mine from Cameroon came up with a perfect solution for dealing with these mad ...more

My most memorable moments from 2008 -- From famine in Africa to watching my brother win a medal at the Olympics

It has been a fantastic year. Four continents, multiple countries, many stories, both tears and laughter and everything in between. I'll just touch upon a few of my most memorable moments from the year, the bulk of which I spent in East Africa and traveling around the region. Near Ruhengeri, Rwanda ...more

Balancing the good news out of Africa versus the bad - a foreign reporter's perspective

  Lake Victoria "Oh you mzungu's," (mzungu basically means white person in Swahili) a skeptical Kenyan journalist said to me. "You just tell bad stories about us here. There is never any good news." ...more

I read this post about a week ago on your blog - it's interesting to think about the balance ...more