3 Ways to Ditch the Splenda

My son's sugar intake is affecting me

A few weeks ago, my son greeted me after work with this perfectly ordinary statement: "We had cotton candy today at camp!"...more

How much sugar is in your favorite coffee drink?

Are you drinking coffee or are you drinking a huge amount of sugar?Flavored drinks sold by coffee chains like Starbucks may contain up to 25 teaspoons of sugar, according to new research conducted by a British campaign group – Action on Sugar.That’s about as much sugar as in 3 cans of Coke and more than three times the maximum adult daily intake recommended by the American Heart Association.Surprised?...more

Kids and Sugar

I'm a board certified holistic health practitioner and, as such, I'm always shocked at the amount of hidden sugar in our diet. I'm especially concerned when it comes to kids--not that I'm not concerned about adults but, after all, healthy kids often grow up to be healthy adults--and we're seeing a lot of "adult-only" diseases in our kids, such as Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.  ...more

National Cereal Day

Happy National Cereal Day!Growing up we always had multiple cereal options in our pantry. We would snack on cereal while watching TV at night. It would be a trade off between cereal or bowls of ice cream that we would stir into “soup”. Anyone else do this? We would more often than not have the gallon tub of deans ice cream in our freezer. Oh to be a kid again....more

This is your brain OFF sugar

I'm addicted to sugar. There. I said it.Not that I need a candy bar every day or a donut every month, but I need to have some sweetness in my coffee (the high-fat flavored fake creamer is my fave!) and some form of dessert every night - even if it's just a piece of chocolate. My husband has a random sweet tooth but eats things like ice cream and Oreos rather than dark chocolate or Godiva's creme brulee truffles, so I can usually avoid his goodies if they're out of my sight. But watch out if I run out of MY sweets....more

One more reason to avoid processed sugar

An article in today's New York Times is pretty alarming.The reporter discusses non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, for which there is no treatment other than lifestyle changes – diet and exercise....more

Get 'Fed Up' With the Documentary's Director and Executive Producer

This past weekend, a new documentary hit theaters that asks hard questions about what Americans eat and why. Fed Up examines the effect of added sugar on the American diet and our high rates of childhood obesity and chronic disease, and asks hard questions about the food industry's role in creating an eating environment that fosters those problems....more
TheRealDeal  Thanks for sharing that post and your thoughts. There are a LOT of fixes that ...more

An Ode to Sugar (from an Addict)

I’ve long had a love affair with Almond Joy pieces. Every night we would climb into bed together and I would caress the blue bag, pulling them out one by one to nibble at the candy shell, hoping upon hope that when I finally bit into the luscious chocolate there would be an almond surprise in there waiting for me.Before that it was Nerd Ropes. Our passionate tryst lasted a good couple of years and I would twirl them around my finger like rainbow locks of hair, gently pulling the big Nerds off the gummy and popping them into my mouth....more

10 Reasons to Avoid Sugar

Original content from: http://ohjuststopalready.comI'm sure it's no surprise to some that not everything we eat is really the best for our bodies. But what about our skin? Do you worry or even ponder if what goes in has an affect on your skin's appearance?...more