One more reason to avoid processed sugar

An article in today's New York Times is pretty alarming.The reporter discusses non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, for which there is no treatment other than lifestyle changes – diet and exercise....more

Get 'Fed Up' With the Documentary's Director and Executive Producer

This past weekend, a new documentary hit theaters that asks hard questions about what Americans eat and why. Fed Up examines the effect of added sugar on the American diet and our high rates of childhood obesity and chronic disease, and asks hard questions about the food industry's role in creating an eating environment that fosters those problems....more
TheRealDeal  Thanks for sharing that post and your thoughts. There are a LOT of fixes that ...more

An Ode to Sugar (from an Addict)

I’ve long had a love affair with Almond Joy pieces. Every night we would climb into bed together and I would caress the blue bag, pulling them out one by one to nibble at the candy shell, hoping upon hope that when I finally bit into the luscious chocolate there would be an almond surprise in there waiting for me.Before that it was Nerd Ropes. Our passionate tryst lasted a good couple of years and I would twirl them around my finger like rainbow locks of hair, gently pulling the big Nerds off the gummy and popping them into my mouth....more

10 Reasons to Avoid Sugar

Original content from: http://ohjuststopalready.comI'm sure it's no surprise to some that not everything we eat is really the best for our bodies. But what about our skin? Do you worry or even ponder if what goes in has an affect on your skin's appearance?...more

Imitation Lofthouse Sugar Cookies

Visit me at !Lofthouse cookies are such a love-hate relationship for me. I love almost everything about them—from their unnaturally vibrant coloring to their moist texture. The hate part comes from reading the label. Don't do it.  Just be happy. They bring me back to college when we would pick them up from Schnucks (a St. Louis thang) and go to town on them....more

Five Things You Can Do Right Now To Curb Those Sugar Cravings

We all have them--those sugar cravings that make us keep running out mid-morning or afternoon for coffee or tea--and our fix.  Or we have two or three sets of those in different sizes to accommodate weight fluctuations....more

Diabetic. Duh!

I've been so consumed with life's all-consumingness that I actually forgot I'm pre-diabetic.Beginning two full days before Christmas (during our first round of celebrations) Santa's cookies were lovingly decorated with colorful frosting (code: sugar) and then eaten like popcorn; popped into my mouth one after another after another....more

Why High Fructose Corn Syrup is on my Hit List!

Have you seen those wonderful adds toting High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) as a Natural Sweetener, one that is equal too sugar!  You know the ones that say it is a natural product that in moderation can be a healthy part of our diet. ...more

What We Learned on A Sugar Fast


"Very sugary diet makes you stupid"

Just to clarify, I put the title in quotes because that was the actual title of the research on But it's pretty accurate. After all, IQ is just a measurment of cognitive skills (like memory, processing speed, attention, visual processing, etc.) and fructose slows down the brain and meory functions.The good news is, omega-3 fatty acids help cancel out the bad effects of the sugar. That's not to say you should have chocolate covered salmon; it's more about long-term consumption. ...more
Chocolate covered salmon... hmmmm. Good post :)more