Chewy Sugar Cookies

 Doesn’t looking at these Chewy Sugar Cookies just make you want to jump into this picture and gobble up every last one of these cookies? I have made this recipe many times over the years and every batch has turned out perfect....more

Decorated Tufted Heart Sugar Cookie

 You know you have achieved cake/cookie decorating mania when you see a comforter online and it inspires you to recreate the effect on a cookie (this technique could be constructed on a cake as well). I was extremely pleased  how eloquent the final result looked. My first thought was how nice they would be for Valentine’s Day, however they are detailed, fragile and time consuming. The tufted heart cookie would be better suited for a......more

Hershey Holiday Cookies - Christmas Cookies #3

Now on the 5th day of Christmas I decided to bake Hershey Holiday Cookies.View Post--Mrs. Akram Taghavi-Burris The mastermind behind Akram's Ideas   ...more

Winter Wedding Cake cookie

 I was looking at cookie cutters when I am across Blossom’sWedding Cake – Roses Cookie Cutter & Stamp Set. I placed an order and waited for my cutters (plus a few other fun cake decorating materials). I baked a batch of the wedding cake cookies the night they arrived in the post! The stamp is pretty cool tool and I will show a tutorial on how to use it soon....more

I have been wanting to create a tutorial on the art of scroll piping with royal icing. It is easier to learn on a sugar cookie prior to an entire cake, piping an entire cake can take hours (even days depending on design and layers), while a cookie is not as time consuming.  The candle light cookie was inspired by Eddie Spence’s book The Art of Royal Icing: A Unique Guide to Cake Decoration by a World-class Tutor (this would be a... ...more

 was asked by a friend if I could bake him a batch of gluten free sugar cookies. I have baked several pastries in the past that were gluten free (mostly bread and pastries), but I realized I had never tried to bake a batch of gluten free sugar cookies. I realized their must be a plethora of children who are unable to have gluten in their diet and would love to be able to receive decorated sugar cookies. I felt compelled to be able to devise a well decorated......more

Airbrushed Cornucopia Sugar Cookies Tutorial

I wanted to create cornucopia sugar cookies for edible place cards on our Thanksgiving table; only I found I did not own a cornucopia cookie cutter. I wasn’t going to let that stop me I went into my cookie cutter storage drawers and found two cookie cutters to design DIY cornucopia sugar cookie. I used a witches hat and circle cookie cutter. I couldn’t be sure if my idea would work, I needed a trial run. Besides it was time to... ...more

Hand Painted Sunflowers Sugar Cookies

After spending the day at the arboretum picking out the perfect pumpkins and looking at the golden sunflowers I decided to bake up a batch of  sugar cookies and paint them with sunflowers and sunflower leaves. Lately, my attention has turned toward edible painting on cakes and cookies. I use a one stroke method to paint most of my designs. One stroke painting is a decorative painting technique... ...more