Christmas Cookies with Wet on Wet Piping

Between cooking and baking since Monday for yesterday’s Thanksgiving, and Black Friday shopping it is nice to know you can design an elegant Christmas cookie in 9 minutes. Wet on wet piping is using the same royal icing consistency throughout the design (with the exception of the border).The break down to the cookies above:...more

Adorable Bewitched Inspired Sugar Cookie

This Halloween I have created a “Bewitched” inspired sugar cookie. I have been a fan of Elizabeth Montgomery since I was quite young. Bewitched aired in 1964, prior to my birth, however WGN Chicago showed reruns every afternoon. I would arrive home from school excitedly watch two episodes,  pretend I could twitch my nose, and magically all my problems would be solved. Although I would... ...more

Tropical Flowers Hand Painted on a Sugar Cookie

Hand painting on cookies/cakes (either covered in fondant or royal icing) are edible works of art. You can choose to paint a simple design or ornately elegant complex wedding flowers. Almost any design is stunning to look at. Like most cake decorating techniques, the only limitation is your imagination. Hand painting easily complements both traditions cake decorating method and new trending ones. By adding an... ...more

Ruffle Rose Easter Sugar Cookie Frame

While having a girl’s day out with Sydney, we noticed a cake in the window of Hyde Park Jewelers, that appeared to be inspired by Vera Wang. Her spatular ruffle dresses are beautifully breathtaking, romanic and classy; which is the perfect inspiration for cake decorating (and cookie decorating). I wanted to create a sugar cookie frame that incorporated Vera Wang’s talent. The next day I sat down with a pad of... ...more

Easter Basket with Royal Icing Needle Point

Needlepoint royal icing piping is a unique technique to take your sugar cookies or cakes (even cupcakes) to the next level. I adore the intricate piping skills that can be achieved with a cornet and nozzle. Although piping a needlepoint pattern onto a sugar cookie or cake is pretty straight forward it is time consuming. A detailed needlepoint royal icing cookie can take several hours to finish. The end result is a... ...more

Brush Embroidery Tutorial

I thought it might be fun to learn a new method of brush embroidery..Victorian brush embroidery. Although the name sounds fancy the technique to create victorian brush embroidery is quite simple. Victorian brush embroidery generally is applied with two colours of royal icing to each petal. The embroidery is raised and lightly petal dusted or painted with petal dust for an elegant... ...more