Two More Suicides: An Open Letter to My Daughters

This is just such a moving and important message from a loving mother.more

The Child You Left Behind

Suicide. The word alone is enough to send chills down your spine. Unfortunately it affects at least 3700 Canadians a year. On March 6th 2006, I became a part of those statistics....more

Depression is Dangerous

I was there once.In fact I've been there a few times over the course of my life....more

Bye Bye Robin Williams

I'm helping my patient get settled and we both hear...BREAKING NEWS! This grabs our attention. Then I hear it and immediately my thoughts are "Oh C***!" Then my thoughts turn to "How sad, and he must have been in so much mental pain." Robin Williams has a warm place in my heart and in many hearts of others. For us here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we feel Robin Williams as one of our own family. He's lived here most of his adult life, he's played here, performed here, and made his mark....more

Zelda Williams, I Lost My Dad to Suicide, Too

“I love you. I miss you. I’ll try to keep looking up.” Sitting at my desk at work, I read the words on my computer from Zelda, Robin Williams’ daughter,  who tweeted about his death. For some reason I decided to look at the clock, I wanted to know what time it was... 8:38 AM. I lasted a little over 12 hours after hearing the news before it finally hit me. The night before, Trey had given me a hug and asked if I was okay. I said yes, which was true at the time but now it was different. Now I was not okay. “I love you. I miss you. I’ll try to keep looking up.” ...more
Thank you for writing and sharing this post.  Undiagnosed mental health problems plague families ...more

Suicide is Painful

Two days ago, the world was shaken with the news that one of our most beloved stars, Robin Williams, died through suicide. Since I heard the news, I’ve debated whether to write on his death or not. Should I go there? Should I discuss all the thoughts that went through my head? Or, should I let the news pass over me and move on to other more happy thoughts?Suicide is personal to me. Any suicide I hear about breaks my heart. It doesn’t matter if it is someone as famous as Robin or if the person was unknown to all but those who loved him or her. Each suicide affects me deeply. ...more

How What I Learned from My Friend's Suicide is Helping Me Cope with the Death of Robin Williams

It's so ironic to me that my last post was about a definitive movie from my daughters' childhood and how that movie helped me decide to peel back my layers and write about things that really matter to me.  I mentioned that one of my upcoming posts would be about my friend's suicide.  All day today another quote from a different movie from girls' childhood resonated in my head: "Genie! Of! The Lamp!" ...more

Suicide in Older Men is Often Triggered by Low Testosterone…Know How to Help the Men You Love (or Yourself)

My family is mourning the loss of Robin Williams today. I don’t pretend to know Robin’s health history, but I have had over 6 men in my life suddenly commit suicide after battling unresponsive depression in the fall or winter of their lives. Low testosterone levels in aging men are linked to anxiety and major depression that is often unresponsive to common therapies. But there is hope......more
Malm61 Agreed that the mood elevating effects of sex steroids is not just a serotonin mediated ...more

The Other Side of Here

I wasn't stunned. When I heard the news about Robin William's passing - I wasn't stunned. I wasn't shocked or surprised like everyone else. I watched the news start rolling through my twitter and facebook feeds. I sat there, shaking my head, because I know. I just know. Robin Williams has long been one of my favorite actors. Dead Poets Society is one of my top five movies of all time. I loved the diversity in his talent. That he could play a serious role just as well as a comedic one. And even though I'm not famous I kind of get where he was coming from. ...more

Don't Give Up Yet, Just Wait

 I have thought about committing suicide many, many times over the last 20 years....more