I May Have Had a Bad Childhood

I may have had a bad childhood.  Let me be clear, I was never beaten.  I came from a good home with good parents.  I say this because I don't remember much from birth to about ten.  Even then, it's just bits and pieces, walking to school, a family trip out East, fragments.  In grade school I became the joker, the class clown.  I had bullies, male and female but I never told my parents.  In those days, the 70's and 80's parents were still authority figures, to be feared....more

Better late than dead

“Excuse me,” the polite, bright-eyed woman asked. “Where is the president speaking? I thought it was in the chapel.”I know why they call them “freshmen.” She truly was fresh-faced and eager looking....more

#SABD13: When the Blogger Community Comes Together For a Cause [Embedded Tweets]

@PokyPuppyADD ItAgain Kim I'm so happy you could join in! Anything for a community of bloggers ...more