A Pennsylvania Wedding

We all attended Hun's brother's wedding a short time ago. Baby Boy wore his first suit and had his first haircut. Really, it was just a trim. Hun, nor I, could stand to part with much of Baby Boy's luscious curls. Now, they're not the same, but still quite luscious. Here are a few pictures from the wedding....more

Your Guide to Office Wardrobe Essentials

At long last, Democrats and Republicans agree on something: Nancy Pelosi is the best-dressed woman in Washington. Her stylish suits, paired perfectly with jewelry, are sophisticated and polished—and show the world she means business. Pelosi knows that what we wear speaks volumes about how seriously we take our jobs. The media may not be analyzing your every fashion choice, but you can bet your boss is. Read on to discover which office essentials you should keep in your closet....more

Accident-Prone: Insurance Coverage Above and Beyond; the Umbrella Policy

The Klutzes     I am a klutz. My first sprained ankle occurred prior to the age of 4....more

Accidents Happen…or Maybe Not: A Child’s Standard of Care; Menagh v. Breitman

The Milestone One of the things that threatens my autonomous control as a mother most of all is the bike....more

Retailer Offers Help to Unemployed: Free Business Suit & Cash$$

One national retailer is offering an unusual promotion to connect with customers dealing with economic turmoil and rising unemployment:  a free business suit and cash for the newly unemployed. ...more