Birthday Suit.

Guess who's birthday is tomorrow?...more

Keep It Separate.

The Zara sale was quite fruitful for me. (When is it not?) This shorts suit is my fave from the haul. I love the almost-matching checked print, scuba material, and the wide ruffle at the hem. Coordinating separates are big right now, but I know I’ll dig these pieces broken up as part of other outfits as much as I like them matched together....more

Five Fall Fashion Trends

I've scoured the internet for the hottest fall trends and I've got five key things to freshen up your look for Fall 2012. #1. The bootie.  The bootie....more
Going from freelance to payroll starting next week. (It's been a blissful barefoot two years of ...more

Social Media Faux Pas: Defamation Lawsuits

Exposed ...more

Washington state repealed its archaic criminal libel statutes in 2009; defamation (libel and ...more

Cufflinks As a Fashion Accessory for Women

As women like to borrow each other's clothes--especially within the same household--two sisters, mother-daughter, you might be asking to borrow something very soon from the male members of your family. Cufflinks, have always been the accessory for gentlemen. It gives a polished and professional look to a suit,  as well as a touch of class and elegance to a shirt. ...more

Trendwatch: The suit

Menswear is back for Fall 2007, as are pretty, ladylike colors and silhouettes. Bringing them all together is the suit. Suits by Bottega Veneta (left) and Chanel (right); photo from Vogue. ...more