5 Seasonal tips you must know.

Let's talk about seasons and all the tips, advice and cares we must have each time of the year.Summer.Summer is definitely a call for a change in living activities. Our body changes,  diet changes,  our activities change, etc. We must take care of our skin, keep us hydrated all the time and regarding our clothes, we must wear a light summer outfit as well. ...more

Redesigning the school year

My son has caught me in a technicality. The problem is that I told him camp lasted all summer but he knows that summer lasts through most of September. I failed to tell him the difference between "school summer" and "seasonal summer."...more

10 Ways To Beat The Heat on Long Summer Runs

It should be illegal for races to be scheduled in the middle of summer. Because training for a half-marathon when it's nearly 100 degrees outside is just not okay.Yep, here in San Diego there has been an awful heat wave this summer. We're talking high 90s, humidity, no breeze ... not exactly the best running conditions.As much as I've wanted to skip some runs and go home and blast my A/C, I know my half-marathon is creeping up fast and I need to prepare. So when you have to train, even in the crazy heat, what's a girl to do?...more
Well well that was very well explained... :)more

Keeping Your Summer Allergies Under Control

 I woke up this morning with a sore throat. I have my fingers crossed in hopes that it’s just seasonal allergies and that it won’t turn into a full-blown cold. It’s downright unfair to get sick at this time of the year....more

10 Ways to Make August Awesome

Don’t know what to do this month? Here are 10 ways to make August awesome!Why don’t you…?1. Start a collection? Vintage sunglasses? Cocktail rings? Charm bracelets?...more

The Stuff We Remember

Rhode Island has been a sanctuary for my family and I for as long as I can remember.The beach is literally at our finger tips anytime we want it!  Ice Cream, Bagels, Coffee.... a warm summer wind.The bonus to heading to Rhode Island is that Colin loves visiting his Grammie and PapaLou.  He'd sit next to his Papa forever, and follow him around, and tell him stories about chickens.... ...more

Summer Guide: What To Do In The Hamptons

The CapriHeading East? Here’s Our Summer Guide In The Hamptons ...more


Summer vacations are here, woohoo!!...more

Summer Corn Chowder: By Jen Oliak with Chef, Grace-Marie Johnston

I love this time of year when there is fresh, sweet corn at every grocery store.  It makes me feel like ...more