I Was Sexually Harassed at my Sleep-away Camp.

Polar Bears. Yes, it began with polar bears; a secret inside joke between my counselor, who I’ll call Kat, and a male counselor, who I’ll call Eddie. I was thirteen at the time, and had already been going to this summer camp for six years-- therefore, I had to be in on all the counselor secret jokes. Kat wasn't going to crack, her lips were sealed and the only words that slipped out were “I’ll tell you when you’re older.”  ...more

My Child Is Loving Sleep Away Camp But I'm Miserable Without Her

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My daughter left for sleep away camp a week and a half ago, and I am nauseous. I am just so sad. I feel like a part of me is missing. And I am paying for this experience! ...more
I haven't sent my sons away yet either, but they would like to try it. Maybe we'll try a week ...more

4 Ways To Save On Summer Camp

When I was growing up, I never got to go to summer camp. Both my parents worked and my oldest brother was in charge during the summer. Sometimes I remember the things we used to do and think it's amazing we all survived! I used to be jealous of the kids that got to go to summer camp....more

Summer Camp Essentials

I cannot be the only one...who has mixed feelings about summer.  Those days of carefree hours in the sun or staying up late in the warm evenings are no more. Now my summer consist of scrambling to create a schedule for my six year old that will keep him occupied, well supervised, and allow me to keep my already very part-time, part-time job. All of this combined makes it difficult to love summer as much as I used to. ...more

Spring Break. The Window to What Summer Break Will Look Like.

I always treat Spring Break like a test run for Summer Break.  How do the kids handle multiple trips to the grocery store? How do the kids get along together at the house? How do the kids deal without having solid plans each day?  ...more

Pushy Parents and Competitive Camping: How Much is Too Much?

As a Brit, competitive camping is a world that I'm not privy to. American-style summer camps have only taken off in the last ten years and are not dictated by 150 year old traditions. As such, British camps like Camp Beaumont focus on high energy activities and skills-focused outdoor play. More often than not they are so action packed that there's little time to think about anything other than the itinerary. However, this month an article in the New York Times revealed the very strange behaviors of American parents who send their children to summer camp. ...more
@tea4tamara Sorry - didn't mean to belittle anyone - it's all speculative.more

The bus is here!

It seems like only yesterday that the bus pulled up to our house on the first day of camp. And now we are in week 5! Where did the time go? What happened to all those projects I promised myself I was going to tackle? I should really get started on those....more

Your Child's First Time At Summer Camp

If you’re sending a child to summer camp for the first time, it’s natural to stress over packing all the essentials they’ll need to stay safe and happy while away from home. The Boy Scouts’ motto is, “always be prepared,” so here are some tips to help you prepare them for their big trip.Safety comes first, so before sending your child off to camp, go over safety basics. Make sure he knows how to behave in a different environment and who to go to in case of emergency. Knowledge is the most valuable tool your child can have when you’re not around....more

Summer Day Camp Essentials

With the school year rapidly coming to an end (18 days and counting), our house is full excitement for the summer.   As a family, we look forward to all the fun things we get to go during the warm weather – trips to the zoo, local amusement parks and our annual week at the Jersey Shore. This year we’re adding something new to our summer repertoire – camp....more

How to host your own secret agent camp

Looking for something fun to do with your kids this summer? Look no further than your very own backyard! You can host a secret agent camp for your kids, and we will tell you how. We, the “Momma Owls,” have been hosting camps together for six years, and we would love to help all of you mommas out there to make lasting memories with your children....more