Refreshing fruit puree lemonade

Last week was HOT here in Berlin, and no I will not complain about it. I've been moaning about cold weather the previous week so now that I got what I wanted I will make the most of it. And that means riding around Berlin on the bike in tank top and shorts seeking the cooling shade and stopping in front of the occasional underground parking lot driveway to enjoy the refreshing cold breeze. Welcome to summer in Europe with no air conditioning :)  ...more

Tropical Smoothies

For many of us this has been a very cold and snowy winter. I bet you would love to be somewhere else....more

Yukka Flux Cocktails

What a weekend! The weather was gorgeous, we have trees in our backyard now, our neighborhood barbecue was a success, and... my computer's fixed!...more

Grapefruit Cranberry Fizz