Hair Care Tips for All Seasons

Caring for your hair carries a host of challenges. You must be highly adaptable: focus on understanding the elements and how to overcome them. But with the seasonal changes, it makes caring for your hair twice as difficult. Take note of these hair care tips to protect your hair all year round. UV Rays from the Sun...more

Totally Twisted Hair Bun

Summer is finally upon us and I can't wait to enjoy the sun. If you have long hair, I'm sure you are looking for easy and cute ways to tuck your hair away. No one wants wet hair stuck to their face and in 90 degree weather. I have the perfect hair style to complete your summer look. ...more

Quick and Pretty Summer Hair and Lipstick Style Boosts

Summer happens to be my favorite time of year (fall is a close second) -- but with summer comes heat and humidity, and the challenge of staying cool and looking chic. I love wearing easy, barely-there clothing like crop tops and shorts, but that doesn't leave much room to showcase my style. ...more

Summer Parenting Decision: Do You Let Your Boys Get Buzz Cuts?

For many years, I wouldn’t let my boys buzz their hair -- I thought it was too harsh and military-looking for young kids. Then I went to visiting day at camp one year and both my boys had buzz cuts…and to my surprise I actually loved it! The camp had a barber come before visiting day to get the kids’ hair cleaned up for their parents, and my boys seized the opportunity to buzz it (without mom’s approval)....more
I ALWAYS shave my boys heads and my daughter gets a #1 buzz cut. They all love it!more

Cute Summer Hair Idea ~ Inspired by Rihanna

In the summer months, it can be hard to come up with a hairstyle that keeps your hair out of your face but still isn't boring.  After all, you can only wear a ponytail so many days a week. So what can you do on the other days?While looking through a magazine we saw this picture of Rihanna and thought that it would be perfect for summer.   ...more
i use to have my hair this color, and i loved it. but once everyone started doing it i went ...more

Summery Favorites

During the summer months I have a hard time spending money on new stuff. Stuff like clothes. That's mostly because I have trips and vacations to plan for and also because I have two enormous growing boys who are constantly growing out of their clothes. That doesn't stop me from checking out new products and finding new favorites. In fact, I'm sort of inspired by summer fashions because it's the only time of year when I can take my time in searching for just the right color dress or lip gloss or hair product. During the school year there's just too much work I'm forced to do. ...more

During summer its fun and also comfortable to wear those colorful and bright floral dresses. Its ...more