Summer Internships and the Price of Privilege

When Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest,” I am pretty sure he didn’t mean forking over thousands of dollars so your kid could participate in a fancy (unpaid) internship. But that is exactly what parents of privilege are doing this summer.“What?” you ask. “Parents are paying to have their children work at a company?” Oh, yes they are and it’s not just because the Great Recession continues unabated....more
Hi and i, Thanks for your observations. As someone who spent many hours in boring retail and ...more

Have You Hired an Intern for Your Business?

 A couple of goals for my company for 2010 were; I wanted to make a video and add plus size to my size chart. I also thought I would hire an intern for the summer when we were scheduled to work on these 2 goals. My thoughts were that a design or business major or recent college graduate might get something out of being an intern to a start up successful small business. I spoke with other business people I knew and got a mixed bag of reactions. Some had great experiences and some did not....more