Book Review: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

After a few weeks off the wagon, I finally hopped back on the reading train!...more

MORE Summer Reading Book Reviews

Here are more book reviews for your consumption and maybe to fill out your own summer reading list.  One of my favorite things to do during the summer is read, whether it’s on the beach, at the pool or out on my deck.  It’s a true escape even if the only vacation you have over the summer is a staycation.  You’ll rarely find me without a book or at least a magazine when I’m out and about.  ...more

5 Graphic Novels That Belong on Summer Reading Lists

Ah, summer!  When students all over America break free of their desks and high-tail it to the pool. For about five seconds, until their summer reading lists appear and ruin everything. Now let’s be real. Even as a kid I loved to read, but summer reading lists were a burden all the same. It wasn’t fun reading. Sure, I liked some of the books I was exposed to, but so many more were dry or hard to focus on when I really just wanted to get back outside. ...more
Another nerdy English teacher here! I loved American Born Chinese and it FLEW off of the shelves ...more

Paper Aquarium!

So the Lexington Public Library shared this post on facebook, which is pictures of a paper aquarium the staff at the Eagle Creek Branch made. Here's one of those pictures:...more

My Reading List

I'm the type of person who always has a stack of books taller than me on my reading list.  I've got a bookshelf in my room filled mostly with books I haven't read yet, about 20 samples on my iPad, and a Goodreads account with more books than I can remember.  Somehow though, I always want more books.  I'm always looking for that one that's going to be can't-put-it-down, change-your-life kind of a book, so my list keeps growing....more

Summer Reading Incentives

Happy summer, dear readers! Technically, I realize we have a few weeks before summer commences, but here at Casa de Chaos the kids are out of school and running up and down the street with abandon.  They have friends with them, so it's not just random running. ...more

Four Books to Read and One to Skip

  Part of my list of things to do before 40 is to ...more

5 Books I Read and Loved This Summer (So Far). What Are You Reading?

Usually, my summers consist almost exclusively sitting in my backyard, reading. My job and my newly invigorated social life (not even being sarcastic, for once…my weekends have mostly been packed with fun things this summer) do not allow me to casually read as much as I used to, though. I have found the time to read a few books this summer: Here are the books I read and loved: ...more
I never get tired of the ever prolific Nora Roberts.more

Summer Reading 74 Days to Read 304 pages!

This is how my son’s  June 1st deadline to BEGIN READING the book,  “Diary of Anne Frank” started. This is how m...more

Summer Reading

Have you made it through your summer reading list?  At the beginning of the year, I set a goal on Goodreads of 121 books to read for the year.  No special reason for the number, just pulled one out of thin air.  So far, I've read 101.  That only leaves 20 for the rest of the year so this is actually one goal that I know I will be able to accomplish!...more