Summer Delight: Cold Poached Shrimp - AROMA CUCINA

Summer Delight: Cold Poached Shrimp - AROMA CUCINA, soft and irresistible. These babies should be prepared in their shells and served with their heads still on. Just decapitate and eat! Mangia bene!...more

Summer Confetti Pasta: Bawdy,Colorful,Sexy,Italian - Aroma Cucina

Aroma Cucina It's Summer sexy break out in the kitchen. Keep it light, keep it lean, but keep it tasty! Use what you got and make it good....more

Spice Rubbed Flank Steak Tacos with Fresh Avocado Slices and Tio's Salsa

Well, it’s been quite the evening here at the Bennett Camp.  I had the brilliant idea of preparing a fun and delicious dinner of quick grilled spice rubbed flank steak tacos, with fresh organic avocado slices, Ranchero or Monterrey Jack cheese, and our favorite Tio’s Salsa, all stuffed in warm ...more

I just ate lunch and you made me hungry again. This looks delish!more

A New Love Affair: Pickled Onions - Aroma Cucina

A New Love Affair: Pickled Onions - Aroma Cucina A blushing companion you can bring to any meal that is certain to your attention? Read on....more

Green Salad with Feta Cheese and Herbal Dressing

Good fats, such as avocado, feta cheese and a yogurt-based dressing made a typical boring salad into an exciting feast....more

Wet Your Whistle: Five Tall Cold Drinks for Summer

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself lounging by the pool, all lazy-daizy and sleepy-snoozy. Your skin is warm, in a minute, it'll be time to swim a slow lap to cool off. When you get back, the cabana boy (hello, boyfriends?! husbands?!) will have left a cold drink, the glass dripping with condensation, the color dazzling in the light. Aii, it's finally, finally summer. ...more

Feed the Mind, Body and Spirit with Summer Fruit Salad Recipes

What do food bloggers say about the wonder of fruit salad? First, there's the convenience factor, for fruit salad is "quick, easy, and the fruits are interchangeable" and makes "a nice pick-me-up when the sun has taken just about everything out of you" (Never Bashful with Butter) ...more