I Made Mom Cry

*Lovingly dedicated to you, if your kids made you cry this summer*Yesterday I made my mom cry....more

A Mother's Summer Bucket List

Today when I was broadening my horizons about the world around me, otherwise known as browsing Facebook, I noticed one of my online friends posted a Summertime Bucket list.Have you ever seen one of these? They’re a list of ideas to spark a summer full of enjoyment and learning....more

I Don't Want to Say Goodbye to Summer, Do YOU?!?

I Don’t Want to Say Goodbye to Summer ... Don't Go, No! No! No!There IS a Cure for the Summertime Blues"A Summer Song"They say that all good things must end some day Autumn leaves must fall But don't you know that it hurts me so To say goodbye to you Wish you didn't have to go No no no no......more

For My Next Family Vacation - I'll Leave the Family at Home

My family is leaving for a two-week trip to Greece tomorrow so naturally I have been on the computer all morning trying to find a way to shorten the trip and fly home early.No one really wants to go on this trip – which would have been nice to know before we booked it - but that would have been too easy. Here are some of the complaints I’ve heard so far:-       “It’s going to be soooooo hot.”...more

Packing for Summer Beach Vacation (Summer 2013)

I am bursting with excitement about my upcoming summer vacation. There are so many things that I want to buy and pack into my luggage for my trip end of this month! Read more here. ...more


Photo Credit: brassyapple.com Just 3 weeks into summer vacation and I can not count the number of times my girls have said this to me. ...more

Business, Kids, & Summer Vacation: 5 Ways to Balance Your Business While Kids Are Out From School

5 Ways to Balance Your Business While Kids Are HomeSummer is officially here (not quite yet but almost) and the kids are ending their school year. This means that if you work from home & have school-age children (and don't homeschool), your routine is going to be altered. You will now have to factor in family vacations, a not so quiet house, and daily mini excursions. Having a system in place for these changes are crucial to a happy, balanced, and productive summer....more

How I'm Spending My Summer Vacation

Considering the fact that I will be in school for the rest of the summer, I though I would get a jump on the traditional end of summer essay.  This is what my summer looks like:...more
@Denise I will try to do better this semester.  Last semester was my first ever...I think I may ...more