Blackberry Sparkler with Homemade Blackberry Simple Syrup

--originally posted February 17, 2016--People who live in San Diego are probably the last ones who should complain about the weather.But we do....more

Don't Mess with the Lifeguard Police

The rooftop pool on my high-rise apartment is its crowning glory; a glistening turquoise rectangle filled with rippling water overlooking an architectural giant, the world’s busiest bridge. Beyond the George Washington Bridge, I see miles up and down the Hudson River and the entire New York City skyline, including the colorful tip of the Empire State Building and the Freedom Tower. ...more

How to Protect Your Skin This Summer & Still Look Stylish

The sun is out and skin is out—this could only mean one thing—it’s summertime! As you make your way to the beach, gather for a rooftop brunch, play softball in your weekly league and go for a dip in the pool, make sure you’re avoiding harsh UV rays as much as possible. Here’s how you can look cute this summer while keeping your skin protected:...more

10 Things Moms Say All Summer Long

Aaah. Summer. We yearn for it the last two months of the school year, but when it gets here, we're snapped back to reality. Being with our kids and entertaining them all day long is not for the weak. In fact, I would say that you have to have super-human strength not to yell and lose your mind. ...more
"where are your pants?": "no popsicles til after lunch". "did you just pee in the pool?"more

Cool off with a beer!

The whole experience of drinking a tall cold beer is soothing for the  summer months! Once a get together was a place for chips, dip and soda, now drinks such as Hard Lemonade or Angry Orchard are adding to the variety. In fact, the newly inspired beer drinks are just the drink any personality could enjoy. The new drinks includes ales, lagers, stouts and porters, and malts. The most popular being Shock Top, Blue Moon, Top Hops, Angry Orchard, Olympia, Sam Adams etc.,There are a lot of brand name beers out there......more

Friday 5

~ 5 things from the week ~ Here's to something fun.Who's your Daddy? Well, in a few weeks we'll know exactly just who Justin is! For Father's Day we bought him a genetic testing kit. Spit in the tube, mail it back, then it tells all about your DNA and ethnicities. ...more

Lunatic Asylum or Abandoned Graveyard? MY Summer Vacation Ideas!

Do you ever just really, really want to feel, for lack of a better term, creeped out? ...more

Invite the Summer into Your Home with Tropical Wallpapers

The tropical wallpapers craze is making the rounds once again, but with a bolder, better range of prints. The gorgeous summer wallpaper designs by PIXERS I chose today feature loud, eye catching colors and are absolutely stunning!...more