Summer snuck in last night

Weather is so completely amazing. At least in the midwest. One day you are literally freezing and wondering if spring will ever be here and the next it is 80 degrees, you don't have the shorts unpacked and menapause causes you to lose all tolerance to heat. Along with the wonderful parts of summer, the new "worry of the day" is the medications my kids are on completely distort their reaction to heat. And with the heat hitting us so suddenly, I have two exhausted children in the house, complete with headaches! We tend to inch into summer slowly....more

The Wedge Heel: a dream come true...

Let me start off by saying that I'm completely aware of the benefits of wearing high-heeled shoes. I mean, it makes your bum look great, your legs look slimmer, and your thighs/calves more taut. BUT, wearing heels everyday is really not good for your lower back, feet, knees and even your posture. And as we approach summer the urge to wear heels as often as possible is even stronger because we wear skirts, shorts and dresses that show off our legs. So, do we sacrifice comfort for beauty?...more

Wedges are 10 times more comfy than regular heels ...they really should always be in style for ...more

Concert in the Park Picnic

It is that time again when the Concert in the Park season begins. In our town, they are held every Sunday afternoon during the summer months. This is a time when we see all the families from this community come together to listen to some great music; everything from from Reggae to Top 40 Hits to Classical and Country. As the children play on the playground,  we spread out our blankets and open our picnic baskets to enjoy a little wine and nosh, as we sit back to enjoy the music and the company....more

The Day Care Question

Summer and no school are rapidly approaching. And with that knowledge, my stomach clenches. For children with fetal alcohol syndrome, not to mention bipolar disorder, all the free time of summer wreaks havoc to their emotions. The hours of freedom that the rest of us yearn for cause enormous stress for their little minds. They don't possess the ability to plan a day all on their own. Or to drag out their blocks and play happily for a period of time. They are constantly stressing about what will come next, what are we doing after this? What are we doing tomorrow?...more

FREE 5-page booklet on fighting The Summer Slide The site above is a link to a FREE 5-page PDF about fighting "The Summer Slide." I was just telling my husband that I can't believe how much my daughter learned in kindergarten (cursive writing, fluent reading, all state capitals, the Gettysburg Address!) ... and how hard we're going to have to work this summer to keep her brain sharp. Not like I have to sit her down and homeschool her 8 hours a day, but I do want to do things to keep her cognitive skills strong. ...more

College 101: Summer Activities for the High School Student

By Kristin Thomas, College Consultant & Guest Contributor...more

Hot time, summer in the city

After weeks of waffling between cold rains and random warm days, it seems like summer is pretty much officially here in DC. We've had a stretch of days with temperatures into the 80s, humidity first thing in the morning, and hot breezes into the late evening. Here we go!...more

Summer Preview 2011: Pirates, Hangovers and the Last of Harry Potter

Now that the snow has melted and the sun has returned, it's time to think about summer movies!  Big blockbusters, exciting sequels and best selling adaptations are all in the mix, so here's my take on some of the movies you can look for this summer:...more

I'm might actually pay for a ticket to see "Cars 2" even though I don't have any ...more

DIY Summer parties.

Summer is the perfect time for a party. And after finding all sorts of amazing party themed eye candy recently, I figured I'd combine a few of the party ideas I found into a blog post to share with you! My birthday is in June, and if I was still brave enough to host my own garden party, these are a few of the things I'd enjoy at my get together....more

Treat Those Feet (for my sake)

Alright, ladies and gentlemen. Warmer weather is upon us (well, unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere...or Seattle) and it's about the time that we begin to expose the toes. Yes, my friends, we're coming around to sandal and flip-flop weather. I know I get a just a little excited when I pull out all of my cute sandals, flip-flops and open-toed shoes out of their winter storage. I just can't WAIT to wear them again....more

my feet but am prone to blisters. A blister. So, what's a girl to do? But when they do get icky ...more