Skinny Fruity Treats

Summer is finally here and so is the heat! The perfect way to cool off is with some sweet fruity treats. These treats are easy and quick to make for yourself, kids, or when hosting a BBQ for your friends and family. One of our favorite and healthy treats to snack on are fruits. There is an abundance of summer fruits that you can just eat plain (or add a little cool whip on top). But…sometimes you may want to mix it up a bit, so give one of these a try. 1.     Fruit Popsicles...more

Refreshing Summer Drinks

Well, summer is here!!  And the warmer weather has arrived also.  So everyone is in search of a tasty way to quench their thirst during the summer months.  I have been looking for some new and refreshing summer drinks to try.  I may have found what I'm looking for on Food Network.Here is a look at just a few of the drinks that are of interest to me:1.  Looking for a twist on iced tea?  Try this Peach Ginger Tea.  ...more

13 Tips For Enjoying A Summer Without A Typical Vacation

                                                   Vacations are often costly and, by their nature, time-consuming: two qualities that make them a pipe dream for a lot of twenty-somethings....more

Swimsuits that Flatter Different Petite Body Shape

They say variety is the spice of life but at times, variety can also present us with frustrating experiences. As an example, many women who are looking for petite swimwear have a difficulty finding something which meets their specific frame. Although you may find it to be frustrating, understanding your frame and what can be done to match it with the perfect swimsuit can go a long way in helping you to find just what you need....more

The Dark Side of Summer

Swimsuit season is almost upon us. It’s the dark side of summer for many women, particularly once Father Time starts conspiring with gravity.Despite inevitable aging, I am generally comfortable with my middle aged body. To be more specific, I am generally comfortable in my fully clad middle aged body....more

Birthday party plans are frozen

Everyone loves a good birthday party. The cake, decorations, games and above all, getting one more year older. It is the  dream of every child. To be more grown up, to be the star of the day. At least that is the case with my daughter....more

Improve Your Body, Mind, and Soul This Summer

Summer time – it’s one time of the year that everyone seems to focus on their body image and health. We also think it’s equally important to focus on your mind and soul, not just your body. If you have some free time this summer and would like to better your mind, body and soul – then these awesome online courses may be a great fit! Learn how to grow Glorious Greens to help keep you and your family healthy, or why learn how to break into acting or finally try out yoga?...more

Summer Must Haves

Have Yourself a Healthy Little Summer

The soaring heat, shining sun and kids running free means summer is finally here! After a brutal winter for most of the nation, the long, warm sunny days are a welcomed change. So much so that most folks will be spending more time outside, celebrating, eating and having a grand old time. But it's easy to overdo it food wise and sun wise. I've compiled some simple tips that will help you survive, and still very much enjoy, summer! Make sure you wear sunscreen!!...more

The 411 on Letterboxing

What in the world is Letterboxing? {Some of you saw 'Letterboxing' on our Summer Bucket List and have asked about it so here goes.} ...more