101 fun ideas for summer!

summer can't come fast enough, yet at the same time we're not quite ready for it. what are we going to do all summer with the kids? school gets out for us in 2 weeks. and it starts up at the end of august that means we have 79 days of summer. so here are 101 fun ideas to fill those days!...more

Creating A Liquid Rainbow

I'm pretty sure, that if you are using Pinterest, you are finding amazing project though out the year, that you never get to, so I went through mine and choose,RainbowsHarry PotterNew England StatesFor my blog, this summer.Tonight (after a shopping trip to Target), I sat the boys down and we attempted to make a rainbow jar....more

And we're off!


Three Clothing Items to Avoid This Summer in the Office

Depending on where you’re located this summer, office fashion may get a little tricky in the coming months. If you live somewhere where humidity rears its ugly head, or somewhere that reaches over the 100 degree mark on a daily basis, the goal is to just keep cool, comfortable, and professional between the hours of 9 and 5. Though after that, we can’t promise anything more than the summertime uniform of pool attire....more


I think summer has finally come.  We are rejoicing in the sunshine and the warm.  It's a bit of a shock to the system to adjust from a single digit temperature to a sizzling 30 degrees overnight.  Some of us take refuge in the shade....more

Giant Empanada ~ Kids LOVE this!

The final bell is ringing in schools and kids and teachers alike are ready for summer break. For many kids, softball and baseball practice has already started and the swimming pools will soon be opening. My summer calendar is starting to look busier than it normally does during the school year!...more

Summer Freebies For Kids

School is out already for Higgins and Bernardo only has a couple of weeks to go. It hit me this morning: "What am I going to do with two boys who are now used to having something to do everyday?!"...more

How to Hire Without Over-Hiring this Summer

We’re officially in the summer months and that can only mean one thing, outside of vacations and three day weekends – time to bring on the seasonal hires!But don’t rush into it so fast. While it’s easy to let the seasonal surge in business make you believe that it’s time to hire all the staffers, it’s also very expensive. Salaries will easily be your business’s biggest expense, especially if you bring on lots of full-time employees, and it’s important to make sure that you keep the following four areas in mind before going on a hiring spree....more