White Peach Sangria

Summer is around the corner and I relish in my favorite warm weather cocktail - S A N G R I A! White, red, doesn't matter. I enjoy experimenting with different flavored wines and fruit combos. Sharing my recipe for White Peach Sangria. There is not a standard wine for Sangria. However, for a white Sangria, pick a zesty, aromatic wine. I used this Riesling for this particular recipe......more

Sizzling Beauty Trends for Summer 2015

Spring has sprung and summer is now ready to make her debut. Typically, summer makeup looks have been airy and light. Summer 2015 has completely changed the game! Bold red lips, bright pops of color on lids, sultry cat eyes and barely there nude faces are in order for this season. The new color palettes of this season have been amped up the glam notch by one hundred....more

Sexy Nails for Summer 2015


A great wine fir this summer : #Gragnano

This weekend the sun was here and so were some spring weather and warmer temperatures. We have always preferred red wines over white one ( it's a matter of personal taste of course) and drinking robust and bold reds with quite alcohol content when the weather is heading towards summer it's not ideal. So we have tried and highly recommend for your al-fresco dining this amazing red wine from the Sorrentina Peninsula in Southern Italy. Gragnano DOC - Terre del Gragnano from a well known winemaker Iovine....more


If I'm honest, I've never been able to fully enjoy myself sitting at the beach on a hot summer's day. Sure, when I first get there, I'll plop down my chair in the sand, gaze at the beautiful ocean, breathe in that salty ocean air and soak in the sunshine with a huge sense of pleasure but, inevitably, my gaze begins to wander. I don't think I'm unique in this experience. Before I know it, I'm people watching and eyeing up passers-by beneath the protection of my shades. It doesn't take long before some toned body goes running by on the water's edge and I'm reminded, yet again, of my non-existent exercise routine. I may be thin but I'm not toned. Someone who eats healthy can be skinny but to be toned you need to actually work your muscles. If you avoid exercise, as I almost always have, it's as if you'll always feel that slight sense of disconnect and discontent with your own body. It's a subtle non-spoken guilt that comes out to play only when you finally reveal your skin to the sunshine. No matter how many times I try to feel confident sitting on the beach, I generally walk away from the day feeling disheartened and agitated with no one to blame but myself....more

Summer Stay-at-Home Activities

Winter is the toughest time around here. So when spring finally showed up, we were beyond excited. But now we are looking for ways to spend our days with all this nice weather. + Go to the zoo // This is a more pricey activity depending on the zoo and definitely a full day kind of thing. But it's always fun especially when you have a toddler who loves and knows animals. For me this is more a spring activity because by the time you get to summer, it can be a little hot for extended amounts of time in the sun. ...more

Summer Sandals

  It’s finally a little warm so I say bring on summer! Here’s some summer sandals we’re loving in every price range. Read the rest at: http://www.flipflopsandfurs.com/2015/03/28/summer-sandals/ xoAmber & Sarah...more

Grasshopper Dessert with Oreo Crust

Grasshopper Dessert ...more
Sounds so good!more

My Summer Favorites

During the summer, I like my beauty routine to be simple. I will do the minimum required to not look too tired and carry on with my day. Here are my favorite products for this season:...more