31 Summer Activities

 Time for beaches, pools, BBQs, hot days, flip flops, ice cream, late nights and so much more! Although I do enjoy Summer and my little monkey’s being home it’s easy to fall into the patterns of boredom and laziness! I have 3 kids my son is almost 17, I have a daughter who’s turning 13 in July and an 8 year daughter who is full of energy!Here are 31 Summer Activities for you to do as a family this Summer!...more

Help! It’s summer break. My teen's out of school. And I’m scared.

Help! It’s summer break. My teen's out of school. And I’m scared....more

4 Beach-Free, Kid-Friendly Attractions Around Miami

A lot of families are taking summer vacations to the beach this year. Who could resist the sun, sand, and soothing ocean? I love the beach so much that we decided to move to Miami, so we can have it all year....more

Lowfat Mustard Potato Salad

Hard boiled eggs, pickles, onions, mustard, a hint of cayenne.... This ultra creamy summery potato salad has it all and is lightened up using Greek yogurt. ...more

10 Best Vacation Songs For Your Travel Playlist

Music is a huge part of any traveling experience ,whether it be the CDs you listen to in the car or the songs you stream while laying on the beach. I am lucky enough to be going on my first ever tropical vacation next month, so I have been preparing every detail. I've loved putting music together that gets me into that beach holiday mindset. ...more

No More Forms!

I'm starting to notice a pattern with myself. One I'm not proud of. And it's relatively new. I haven't always had this problem, but lately, well, I'm having trouble getting things done.Actually, it's just things I'm not really excited about doing. I discriminate. If it's something I WANT to do, that's a whole different story. I'm more than willing to get THOSE things done.It's the other "stuff."...more

Rhubarb Crisp

How was everyone’s Memorial Day weekend? I love seeing our American flags flying high and honoring the significance of this great holiday. ...more

Summer Reading List 2015

I'm so excited about my summer reading list this year!  Some of these books have been on my list for a while now and some are brand new discoveries for me.   I have to admit, I've never actually purchased a book for my summer reading, at least not at full price.  I have a library card that gets me just about any book that I can dream of.  But, if for some reason the library doesn't have it, I look for books at yard sales, library book sales, the Goodwill store, or just ask around to see if anyone has a copy I can borrow....more
onthisnewmorning I did not know that A Wrinkle In Time was associated to When You Reach Me, ...more

DIY Backyard Sunshade

My mom has visited us three times since we moved to Miami and everytime she comes she complains that there is no place for her to sit in the backyard in the shade so she can drink her morning coffee or watch the kids play....more
How would you attach the shade cloth? Any ideas?more