Sunny Summer Thoughts to Combat the Polar Vortex

When my husband and I decided to leave sunny Colorado and head back to our roots in the Midwest, we were prepared for tough winters. I, however, was not prepared to suffer through the coldest, snowiest winter in 20 years. ...more

Warm makeup for when you get those winter blues

We're smack in the middle of winter, which is generally the time when I start wishing for summer- don't get me wrong, I love the snow and getting to style a killer beanie, but there are days when I'd give anything to be laying out next to a pool. So, to warm up your face a bit, I created a summer inspired makeup look, that is totally winter appropriate. (If that even makes sense..) See full post at

Hot In The City

Middle of summer in Australia and some cities are experiencing really scorching days. Beaches are jam packed with people. Some are taking advantage of the air conditioned malls. I am guessing a lot would have been craving for something refreshing. One of my favourite treats during the hot months is icy granita. Mangoes are in season and an adult-friendly version is a must - mango ang vodka granita! Of course, you can make this into a child-friendly one by omitting the vodka but for me, with vodka it is!Get the quick and easy recipe from here!...more

Bungalow Colony Wars

Reclaimed HomeThis memory was triggered recently and thought I’d share…...more


As I’m prone to do, I spent most of the month of July at the lake. This year, all I did was sit. I sat on the old vinyl couch on the porch and delighted in a Chilton County peach, entertained by diligent redheaded woodpeckers and Biscuit as she barked and barked and barked at whatever critter she had cornered up underneath the house.  ...more

You have been so good to us summer

Our “summer” started June 14th! Kids last day of school the 13th and off to a Cali vacation the next day, talk about starting it off right! ...more

Slowing Down and Seeing God Through My Camera Lens

I take a lot of pictures. I mean, a lot of pictures. Ever since we bought one of those cameras that makes a regular mom look like a semi-capable photographer, I have probably taken somewhere in the thousands. I easily unload 100+ a week from my smart card. Sometimes I worry that I’m guilty of watching life happen through a lens rather than right in front of me. But other times, I know that my kids -- my babies -- are growing up in a blur and I feel that if don’t snap those precious moments, they might just fade away. ...more
I love this.  I feel the same way so often.  I don't want to take pictures with the idea of ...more

The End

Every summer we take a trip to Montauk with our cousins. It has become a family tradition that we look forward to all year. We pack the minivan to capacity and head out on NY-27 to the End, as Montauk is often referred to. Once we finally arrive at our dive motel, the kids’ scream “Montauk!” and the fun begins.Most people would define vacation as a time devoted to rest and relaxation. But our kids never seem to get that memo. Strangely, their energy level seems to increase exponentially as the days goes by....more

Summer Tortellini Pasta Salad

Is It Really Over?

We had a very busy summer. Full of laughter, swimming, cook outs, gardening, travel, and a wee bit of drama.Way more living than can be crammed into one little blog post.Instead, we'll hit the high points. 9 of them to be exact...  ...more