10 Tips for Preparing Your Kitchen for Summer Eating & Entertaining

The ceaseless appetite of my kids is hard to keep up with year-round, but it grows exponentially over the summer when they are spending hours each day swimming and playing in the hot Houston sun. To make matters worse, my desire to spend time in the kitchen shrinks exponentially over the summer when I have less time to grocery shop in peace and zero desire to stand over a hot stove. ...more

Summer Crafts for Kids – DIY Pinwheels

We've made DIY pinwheels for a few summers in a row now. They are an easy summer craft to make with children. Big pinwheels, like one Sola is holding above, make cute summer decorations, while smaller pinwheels are fun for kids to run around with....more

Strawberry Summer Salad with Ginger-Lime Dressing

They’re here!It is officially strawberry season in Michigan....more

Two Trips to Charleston, SC

Denise I need to plan a third trip!  We do love the Angel Oak--truly indescribable, isn't it?  ...more

I'm not a happy camper

When I was a Girl Scout, my parents let me go to camps over the summer. Lots of camps. There was day camp and teddy bear camp, dance camp and biking camp and more. And camping was fun: We earned badges, made s'mores, sang dirty songs, made new friends and slept in very nice tents. ...more

Drink No Wine Before It's Time

 Hola mis amores! I have been getting my grown woman on and indulging in the spirit world. A mi amiguitas cuadradas- that means I’ve been drinking a little bit. I’ve never been much of a drinker and I’ve become a more social drinker as I’ve grown older. I was THAT chica at the bar sloshing out on bottled waters while shaking my bonbon. My times have changed. I’ve added wine to my beverage repertoire. There are 2 wines in particular that I ADORE....more