An Open Letter to Summer: How You Betray Me

I knew this day would come....more

What I've been up to.... since I haven't been here. Again.

I went to BlogHer to become a better blogger and it seems that I've become the worst by not blogging at all. I've made strides to be better, y'all. I've even made a schedule.Yes. Y'all are on my Google Calendar.I've also been horribly, horribly sick with a sinus infection/chest cold of doom. You can forgive me, right? Cleaning sneezes off of my laptop screen wasn't on my desired task list. Sorry for the image, but there you go.So here's the update:...more

Why We Need Anchor Vacations

It’s the kind of burger that makes you groan luxuriously on the first chomp.  The pillow of bun, the juice of beef, the slip of lettuce, the squish of tomato, the salt of cheese.  The burger is a mouthful of summer.  I chomp this burger in ghost mouthfuls year-round, even in the summer-dead-days of February hundreds of miles from the real deal....more

Grilled Corn

Bringing the HEAT: Is your tech ready for summer 2013?

As the season of sun and sand approaches, a techie like myself wonders what to keep in her tech arsenal. Ever wonder what new gadgets and gizmos are upon us?Do you even know if your technology is ready for summer 2013? Here’s the go-to guide for the summer! Summer is the season for travel so as you gear up for your worldwide (or state-side) adventures, here are your must have items to take your through your summer excursions, from festivals and family reunions.1. Waze App ...more
Great list!! And, I absolutely love Waze -- it takes me on some crazy tangents, but I get to see ...more

School's Out for Summer!

Finally!!!  The summer semester has finally ended.  That was a rough ten weeks! Now I actually have a bit of time off before the madness begins again.  I don't have to pick up my books for fall until the 12th and fall classes don't begin until the that I look at those dates...that doesn't seem like that much time!!  Crap!!!  I have a huge (and I mean humongous) list of stuff to get done before school begins again.  Ugh!!...more

Creative Ways to Add Health to Summer

Happy hump day! This week is flying by and I am loving it. This coming Sunday, (August 4th) is our first wedding anniversary! It is amazing how fast the time has gone this year and I look am looking forward to many more. As summer starts to wind down, we are trying to get every last ounce of fun and sun before the weather changes. Soon enough it is going to be getting cold outside and I'm going to have to dig my crock pot out of the cabinet. Before I start pulling out my winter clothes I wanted to share a list of fun ideas to add some health to the rest of summer....more

Scandinavian Salade Nicoise with Poached Chicken

Check out my Scandinavian twist on a French classic at: ...more

Summertime blues

I started working full time in May. Before this I was a substitute teacher for 3 years. When I started with this company about 20 months ago, I was only part time, and then the work became too much, so I went to full time. It has been hard balancing work with kids schedules and maintaining the home, but it helps that I get to work mostly from home. I can put in a load of laundry or walk the dog, but sometimes I don't stop working. Like when my email dings at 8 pm. There are definately ups and downs of a stay at home job. ...more

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah & Grilled Peaches

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says her most recent novel, Americanah, is about hair. And it is. But as many readers have pointed out, it’s also about much, much more....more
I read "Half of a Yellow Sun" a few years ago, but haven't picked up anything else by Adichie. I ...more