Back-to-school bookworm sundaes

On my kids’ first day of school, I made them this yummy treat for an after-school snack. Whip up this simple recipe for your little bookworm’s first day or any day! These would also be a perfect party treat at a book-themed birthday party or a way to kick off summer reading.You’ll need:1 box chocolate pudding1 container whipped topping (I used Cool Whip)Crushed OreosGummy wormsCups for your sundaes...more

Red, White & Blue Ice Cream Sundaes

Sundaes are delicious, but sundaes made with homemade ice cream? Even better. This festive, Fourth of July dessert idea rides on a base of homemade strawberry ice cream, which is seasonal and fresh. It gets a little red from the ice cream, white from the whipped topping, and blue from blueberries in the fruity sauce that drizzles over the top. Add a celebratory cookie, and you're celebrating the U.S. holiday and BlogHer's Month of Ice Cream all at the same time!...more

Celebrate the 4th with an Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Per Merriam-Webster, a sundae is ice cream served with topping (as crushed fruit, syrup, nuts, or whipped cream) and the first known use of the word was 1897. We've come a long way from ancient Rome when snow was mixed with honey, and from Victorian England when flavored ices were a regular part of the Upper Crust's dessert array. Today the variety of flavors available would blow old Nero's mind and the Victorians would no doubt tremble in horror at the idea of partaking in Foie Gras, bacon, licorice or Whale. No, I'm not making that last one up......more

Triple Chocolate Ice Cream

I am having so much fun making ice cream this year.  There are so many different recipes out there to try that I feel like a kid in a candy store when I go to a recipe page for ice cream. “OOH!  I want to try this one!  OOOOOHHH!  Look at that!  I want that one!  Whoa!  That one looks cool!  I want it!” ...more