Ice Cream Sundaes: A Treat for Birthdays and Beyond

Today's my birthday, and as it approaches every year, I spend a surprising amount of time deciding how best to celebrate it. (OK, to be fair, those who have been my friends for years would not be surprised at the amount of time I spend...not in the least...) My celebrations always involve food, and since I became of age, most certainly involve drink, but because I am a summer birthday girl, they also often, somehow, involve ice cream. And when I was a kid celebrating my birthday, that ice cream arrived, most often, in the form of a sundae....more

First of all happy belated birthday!!! I fondly remember Farrell's, I celebrated quite a few of ...more

My Top 5 Sundae Toppers

Warm weather is finally starting to break & there is no better warm weather companion than ice cream. What's better than just ice cream? Ice cream sundaes please -- I am going to share my top 5 sundae toppers. They are all simple, quick & delicious. I threw an ice cream sundae party the other day & here is what I made. 1. Sweet Orange Glaze & Coconut Sundae 2. Strawberries & Cream Sundae 3. S'more Sundae 4. Blackberry Chocolate Sundae 5. Peanut Butter Pretzel Sundae ...more

All of these look absolutely FABULOUS!!more