Meatballs and Sausage for Sunday Gravy

I'm not a must-have-kitchen-gadgets, kind of person. I've only had a microwave for a few years and I own 4 pots, one for each burner. One of my favorite time saving tips is utilizing the oven as much as possible. The oven is handy for browning meat, sauteing onions and roasting veggies for a stirfry. I have found one pan essential for this technique; a large Granite Ware roasting pan. I use this pan for everything! I love mine and I urge you to purchase one, post haste! They're available online and major retailers and reasonably priced, under $30....more
 @cookingwithkary I know from your posts that you're a good cook. I hope you try my special ...more

Sunday Sauce or Tomato Gravy...We Call it Delicious

Sunday SauceMy mother in-law's, Italian mother in-law taught her how ...more
 @Kraken Will do ... will do !   You and Virginia are definitely awesome cooks!more