Getting Sunday Schooled

I had been helping out with Gray and Lily's Sunday school class for a few months when I was asked to teach it. "Helping" might be a bit of a strong word, considering that my main duty was to make sure Lily didn't wreak havoc or leave unexpectedly. I agreed to take on the class, and it has been a rewarding, exhausting learning experience for me....more

Lights, Camera, Action! Ideas for a Movie-themed Sunday School classroom

My husband and I are 2nd grade Sunday School teachers at our church, and this year, I had the “itch” to redecorate the room. I wanted some type of theme for the entire room, so of course I headed to Pinterest for some inspiration! I decided on a movie theme, and there were so many ideas our there. However, all of the ideas were for school classrooms, so I had to tweak some of these ideas to fit in a church setting. Here is how it turned out:THE DOOR:...more

Sunday School: A Footprint For Success

I have not written a faith piece from an urban perspective in quite some time.  I felt persuaded to write about it now since I have put it off. Growing up, I attended Sunday school.  Attendance wasn’t an option for my siblings and me. We had to go.  Sunday school is where I learned the teachings of my Christian faith as well as my specific doctrine.  It wasn’t a place where I was graded on my performance.  It was focused more on my understanding of faith and ministry. ...more

My unintentional visual aids at church

About a year after I had my son Joshua, I had finally lost all the weight I gained while being pregnant. To celebrate that last 10 pounds, I went shopping. The following Sunday I pulled out the new skirt I had purchased and I smiled as I put it on. After years of living with my grandma, I had her speech about wearing slips under your skirts or dresses burned in my brain. She told us many times how it was unacceptable not to wear one so I smiled because the skirt bought was lined with a nice silky type material. It was a built-in slip!...more

Pray 'Out Toppin'!

When our second child, son Zachary was two years old, I began teaching his age group in Sunday morning Bible classes.  I printed out several bible verses and taped them to the wall.  Each week we would concentrate on learning a particular verse by memory. I'll never forget Zachary's favorite verse.  It was 1 Thessalonians 5:17.  I used a children's version which read:  Pray without stopping....more