Today's everyday poetry: colourful laundry in the sun

Today: colourful towels drying in the sun. All is well.  ...more

Photo Friday: Sunlight

I know I've shared this photo before, but hopefully there are at least a few of you who haven't seen it yet - as when I learned that today's Photo Friday prompt was "Sunlight" I knew this was the picture I wanted to share! It's a favourite of mine, made even more so by the fact that I almost missed capturing it. Peter and I were sitting on a bench in the park, and he pointed out how beautiful the sunlight looked at that particular moment. ...more

What Are You Loving Right Now?

Fall. It refuels me. It's like I've been road-trippin' it, and with all the weather-worn effects of having been someplace good and miles of pavement touched by the humming of the wheels, a trunk full of souvenirs and lingering scents of places I love still in the cabin, that red light's been a blinking now for a few miles. It's time to fill the tank. That part of me that likes to turn my feelings into words, that likes to weave them into some sort of tapestry while making sense of them has been running on an obnoxious red E....more

Apparently, Corneas Are Important

I am now the proud owner of a pair of eyes that have inflamed corneas and astigmatism - whateverthehellthatis. ...more

Basking in the Benefits: A New Look at Vitamin D

Although we have known for ages that Vitamin D is a crucial for healthy bodies, it has received extra attention in the media lately that may have left you wondering what all the fuss is about. If you’re as skeptical about hyped up new health trends and dietary supplements as I am, then you probably haven’t gone out and bought every bottle of Vitamin D pills at your local health food store. However, the more I read and understand about it, the more inclined I am to soak up the sun and drink a tall glass of fortified soymilk. ...more

I'm an LMT practicing in a clinic with several naturopaths, & almost everyone the do ...more

Shedding Light on the Truth about Vitamin D and Skin Cancer

After receiving many emails in response to the article I wrote about choosing the right sunscreen (and why Blue Lizard Australian Sunscream is the best sunscreen on the planet), I decided to share a previous blog post that I wrote on Vitamin D, sun exposure and skin cancer. So, that said, here it is... Media inundates us with conflicting messages about the sun exposure-Vitamin D relationship, thus perpetuating confusion, and false ideas, which can be potentially dangerous. ...more