Mr. Sunset

Settle me down To the last hour of the day.To when the anxious moments' lift'dAnd I can still see your face.Take me downThe very last road I need.To where my independence shifts, And I've found my place to breathe.Quiet the noise,And close the shades.Say 'everything will be okay''Grasp my fears looselyThen throw them away.Before settling me downTo the last hour of the day....more

Gratitude at Dusk

#NaBloPoMo, Day 13: What is your favorite hour of the day?...more

When the Death-by-Desk is particularly crazy-making...

When the Death-by-Desk is particularly crazy-making, process some photos. Taken with Hipstamatic, additionally processed in Lightroom. Framed and hung as a series of 5x5 prints.The Experimental Photo Lab...more


I took a wonderful ride on the golf cart last night and enjoyed a beautiful sunset... ...more

One Minute Wednesday: Sunrise/Sunset

(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality) While I enjoy a beautiful sunset as much as the next gal; I have to say I prefer a sunrise. Because after the sunrise you have the whole entire day ahead of you to look forward to and enjoy. Of course there are two problems with this:1) A nice, colorful sunrise means bad weather for that day ahead. (you know......more
I like the idea of seeing a sunrise; a new day is approaching, bring with it a new promise of ...more

The Remains of the Day in Sunset Photography

I just want to stop in here early midweek to show you my view on a recent evening while walking from the barn to the house (3/8 mile). In the winter in Missouri we can get the most awesome late day light for photography, so I'm usually "packing" a camera, not heat.....:)Anyway, on this evening sure enough, Ma Nature fired up sort of out of nowhere with a spectacular late day lite show for the sundown feature:...more
Hello there, Julie! I am just catching up on reading and it looks like when I was consumed with ...more

My Aha Moment: The Beginning and The End of a Beautiful Day

I usually don't make New Year's resolutions for the simple fact, that like most people, I never keep them.  ...more