Super Easy Super Bowl Snacks- Using ingredients from Trader Joe's!

Now when I say "Super Easy Super Bowl Snacks" I mean seriously simple 3 ingredient, 2 step snacks. Super Bowl Sunday is suppose to be about food, friends, fun, relaxing and enjoying the game. Not being a hot mess stressed out slaving in the kitchen.To make these Super Easy Super Bowl Snacks even easier all of the ingredients are from Trader Joe's. One stop shopping heyyy! All of the recipes in this post specifically use products from Trader Joe's but other brands can be subbed in as needed....more

The truth about being your tween's role model - with Cam Newton's help

 Was it arrogance or confidence? She described it with words, such as "chest puffs", "pelvic thrusts" and "arrogant struts". I promise this is a G-rated post....more

Baked Pretzel Beer Dip

It’s Super Bowl time and that means it’s time to start thinking about your party menu for the big game! I know all of the men in my family are; that’s all they talk about actually –football, food, football, food. I mean, I love to see their passion – they always plan a big cottage getaway with all the boys (and no I’m not jealous!), but it does get me thinking about what to bake for the big day.  ...more
So very good. - Karenmore

Super Bowl: Gifts For Him

I know most people think of Super Bowl as a time for parties, but for me, it's also a time to let my man just relax. He's been good, supportive of my endeavors, so I use this time to surprise him with gifts. As he prepares the party with friends and family, I like to let him know he's special to me.So if you're like me, I listed below a few gifts that men may want as a gift:...more


Gourmet Street Food, the Super Bowl, and Chef Adam Hynam-Smith; sounds like a killer combo if you ask me. Lucky for us we were able to learn a little about him, his truck, and his food....more

Super Bolw Recipes

The Super Bowl is just over a week away. It’s one of my favorite eating days of the year. Do you have your menu planned yet? I’m happy to report that we just finalized our Super Bowl recipes and meal plan last night. If you’re looking for some ideas, I’m here to help! Here are some of my crowd pleasing favorites, perfect for game day!...more

Healthier Super Bowl Recipes

Confession: what I enjoy most about the Super Bowl isn’t the game, the halftime show or even the commercials.  It’s the food, hands down.  There, I said it!...more

Healthy Game Day Snack: Mango Guacamole

Whenever sports are on at my house–football, hockey, whatever–there’s only one thing I’m cheering for: more guac!Whether you’ll be watching the Super Bowl on February 1st or not, it doesn’t hurt to have a good guacamole recipe up your sleeve at this time of year. It’s a crowd pleaser and a more nutritious choice overall than a cheese- or cream-based dip....more

A Thought About the Pepsi Super Bowl Ad Campaign

Last evening my husband and I sat together and went through all the ads that appeared during this year's Super Bowl. We were hoping to find something as entertaining as that little boy who played 'Darth Vader' - who can forget the awesome cuteness of that!...more

Potato Skins

Healthy, yummy potato skins; perfect for any party.  Did I mention, healthy?  No one will know these are low fat, except for you and me! ...more