Being a Super Mommy Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

There’s a mommy epidemic that’s been going around the nation lately. I read about it in blogs, hear it in news articles and see it with some of my own friends: the pressure to be a super mom. Not just a super mom – super woman. Before RJ was born, I almost succumbed to this mindset. And I was driving myself crazy. I finally reached a breaking point and realized that the image of a mom that society projects onto women doesn’t have to be the same mommy that I need to be....more

Super Mom to the Rescue. Even on Saturdays.

Days like today make me feel like super mom. And it’s not even eight am yet....more

It's Not Just Morning Sickness

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary the definition of morning sickness is: nausea and vomiting that occurs typically in the morning especially during the earlier months of pregnancy. Okay got that? According to the same Merriam Webster dictionary the definition of Hyperemesis Gravidarum is: excessive vomiting during pregnancy. Although they may seem similar, find one women who has been diagnosed with HG and ask her if she thinks they are comparable. Oh you found one, oh! It’s me? You really want to know what I think? Well, let me just shed some light on this situation shall I? Screw you Merriam Webster!!! Yea, you heard me!...more
Been there, done that! My first pregnancy was a second pregnancy I was admitted ...more

No more holiday guilt! Simplifying the Silly Season.

One harried late-October evening, I rushed through a store’s costume section in a frenzy of last-minute preparations. To my horror, the reds and greens of Christmas cards and wrapping paper beckoned from a nearby aisle. “Oh, spare me,” I said aloud. “I haven’t finished feeling guilty about Halloween yet.”...more

How to make a cheap, fast superhero costume

This Halloween, I knew what would be the perfect disguise for me.Super Mom!No one would ever guess that could be moi....more

Super Mom Personified

I am always on the quest to become Super Mom, but I have found the woman that has accomplished it. Her name is Melanie Roach, and if you have been reading about the Olympics, you probably have heard about her. She is unbelievable! She has three kids, one of whom is autistic, she runs a gymnastics studio, her husband is a Washington State House of Representatives legislator, she teaches Sunday school, and she is now competing in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing in the woman's weight lifting division! Man, I feel lazy compared to her. The next time I am ...more