Being a Super Mommy Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

There’s a mommy epidemic that’s been going around the nation lately. I read about it in blogs, hear it in news articles and see it with some of my own friends: the pressure to be a super mom. Not just a super mom – super woman. Before RJ was born, I almost succumbed to this mindset. And I was driving myself crazy. I finally reached a breaking point and realized that the image of a mom that society projects onto women doesn’t have to be the same mommy that I need to be....more

Super Mom to the Rescue. Even on Saturdays.

Days like today make me feel like super mom. And it’s not even eight am yet....more

Every Working Mom's Wish

When you get the call that your baby girl has plunged down an entire flight of stairs, you are not in your office just around the corner, 100 steps from home, where you have strategically arranged to be on most working days.  You are inevitably working across town or even across the country, and undoubtedly meeting with a new client. You may not recognize the distraught voice on the other end of the phone, but it is your husband or babysitter, still trembling from witnessing the fall in slow motion.  You quickly assess the situation ...more