Super Tuesday Food: Severely Delicious Flip Flop Flapjacks

At first I served these pancakes with maple syrup. But then somebody somewhere told me that this was offensive to the cheese. I therefore ignored my own opinion and omitted the syrup (yes, I’ve been taking lessons from our man Mitt!). Unlike our current congress however, I am capable of compromise: alongside the pancakes I now serve a spinach salad with strawberries, pecans and an amazing maple-dijon dressing (recipe below)....more

One "Slut" Does Not a "War on Women" Make

Enough is enough.I expect it from the pundits who bash Republicans for ratings, but when Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz lays all the blame of the recent political garbage at the feet of Republicans, calling it a "war on women" -- I'm gonna call shenanigans.Since when did Rush Limbaugh take the place of God and savior?...more
 @Violina23 " suspect PP is the kind of organization that would help foot the bill if a woman ...more

What Are You Thinking About Politics as We Approach Super Tuesday?

The presidential primary season has been particularly contentious in 2012, with many issues that are polarizing for women. Birth control, separation of church and state and even (astonishingly) the relative merits of higher education have become hot topics of conversation among the GOP candidates, the current administration and women online. It's the latter that we want to understand, so we're going straight to the experts in our latest opinion poll. ...more
Partisanship is going to be the ruination of our country.  Shame on us for not putting America ...more

Republican Women: Who do you want?

“There is so much excitement here it's insane” wrote Faboo Mama of the aura around her neighborhood on Super Tuesday. Pretty much sums up the attitude of most Democratic women I know when it comes to voting in this year’s primaries. ...more

name calling, blame throwing and personally evasive tactics around individual responsibility ...more

Caucus Hang Over

Our buddy Joel Mathis over at the new site identified it correctly... it was so hardcore that I know I'm exhausted. ...more

Obama's big win

Heavily edited and x-posted from my blog Tonight was a big win for Obama. Yeah, I'm bummed that he didn't win CA, but not surprised. As I'll keep repeating, the voters of CA are incredible morons and supremely moderate. They never want to try something new. Uninformed stick-in-the-muds is my "polite company" term for the majority of our voters. ...more

The Democratic party has a strong infrastructure in southern California. We got Diane Finestein, ...more

An Invite to the After Party

Living in a state that doesn’t vote until after Super Tuesday is like having to wait to open your presents until after Christmas. It’s like receiving an empty box on Valentine’s Day, with the promise of chocolate to come (actually, this is something my father used to do to my mother every year). It’s like being told you can’t have your 50th birthday party until two weeks after your birthday (over my dead body, George). ...more

Wisconsin isn't voting tonight either. We have to wait to the 19th. And I agree. I want in, too!more

Super-Musings on Super-Tuesday

I've been watching this campaign more closely than ever before. Yup, that sounds dramatic, but really - on one side you have McCain, the anti-christ, and that other guy we're pretty sure isn't going to make it. On the other side...a black guy, a white chick, and a guy who became famous for his $400 haircut. If that doesn't sound like a joke that involves "three people walk into a bar" you must not have been born with a sense of humor. ...more

With the worldview I have, I'm used to people not agreeing so it's not a big deal LOL.

I'm ...more

Super Tuesday Preview: Don’t believe the hype, remember the margin of error

Tomorrow, 22 states vote in presidential primaries. As nearly half the country prepares to vote, BlogHer will be on hand with dispatches and video blogging from our contributors’ states. You’re our eyes and ears on the ground, so please comment on our Open Thread tomorrow! ...more

... just let us vote, please?

Off to vote,

Alanna Kellogg, more