Spring Fever

Hi there, hope your Friday is starting off great!  While my husband has been thinking about Superbowl, (I must admit that football is not my thing) but being the wife of a fan I try to get in the spirit.  And I will do my part and turn out some goodies to munch on for him and a few of his select buddies. And while they are taking over the living-room, I will happily be in the bedroom watching HGTV....more

Superbowl Football Scavenger Hunt

 Superbowl Football Scavenger Hunt...more

Be Careful of Monday Morning Quarterbacking

For this week’s audio podcast, click here....more

Carrot Touchdown!

We didn’t have a Super Bowl party this year; it was more of a tailgating picnic on our living room floor. And even though we did make chicken wings for the “party” I figured nobody wanted to read about yet another chicken wing recipe the week leading up to game day. But I will definitely post the recipe in the next few months as the wings came out so good my only problem was not having enough. How did I know that 2lbs of chicken would not be a sufficient amount for three children under the age of seven? Lesson learned…...more

Snacking out of the (Super) bowl

In retrospect, it must have been my husband’s biggest nightmare.On what is arguably the most sacred, manly-man event of the year – the Superbowl – the scene, as seen through his eyes, would have looked something like this:...more

Part of the 12th Man


Lessons on Female Empowerment Learned from the School Lunch Table

If you are like me, you watched the Superbowl this week. If you are like me, maybe you were disgusted one or more times by ads and made uncomfortable by the halftime show. (And maybe you also got really excited when there were fights between the players. Oh! That's just me.) The last few days I spent a lot of time darting around the internet, reading posts about empowerment and our oversexed culture and feminism and Biblical morality and the like. I read some posts I liked, some that made me think, and some that I vehemently disagreed with....more

Beyoncé at the Super Bowl: Empowered or Objectified?

Given that Super Bowl halftime is all about the spectacle and almost never about the music—hence the ridiculous stages with crazy technical features like last night’s pop-up screen that showed the audience multiple Beyoncés all at once—I figured that even if I didn’t like the music, I could witness the spectacle and maybe learn more about why Beyoncé is such a dominant force in music. On that score, I’m somewhat conflicted. ...more
I meant sexuality.more

Enough About Football; Which Ads Won The Superbowl?

Love 'em or hate 'em it's damn near impossible to ignore 'em. From where I sat, Coke fell flat, Go Daddy left me both gagging and seriously considering another registrar (who really thought their ads could get worse?) Budweiser paid off their big name celebrity cameos with a chuckle-worthy twist, and Tide took the Don Draper Trophy for spot of the night with their very sinister Joe Montana Stain....more
"God Made a Farmer" from Ram Trucks and The Richards Group was outstanding. My friends in the ag ...more

Show Us Your Favorite Football Team-Inspired Shoes!

This is how much interest I have in American professional football: zero, zilch, nada, none, nil! So you can imagine my great lack of enthusiasm when my football-loving co-workers suggested that we theme this week’s shoe shot to align with a certain upcoming game taking place on Sunday....more