But I Don’t Wanna Be a Superhero

Instantly I figured out that there are two superhero powers I would not like to have: the ability to create fire and flying.  The first seems sort of obvious due to the danger and acknowledging that fire is such a volatile element.  Sure, it lights up the darkness, warms you when you’re cold, and there’s no doubt a bonfire is fun, but how scary it would be if it was used improperly or caught on something that could cause further problems like a forest fire or third-degree burns?...more

Baby Girl, I Messed Up.


The Opposition To Better Female Superheroes

 A comment reply to me today on AVC.com....more

Wonder Woman In All Her Divine Kinkiness

*This post is featured on ChezGigi.com, a 100% fact-free, blog.  There you will find all the Wonder Woman comic panels that illustrate this post so Wonder-fully.http://chezgigi.com/wonder-woman-kinkiness/...more

We Need Diverse Books (And That Means Comics Too!)

Earlier this spring, my daughter was thrilled to find Wonder Woman and Cyborg on her cereal box. I collected my thoughts on how something that seems simple, two comic book stars as advertisement, was actually a big deal. We don't often see superheroes as anything other than white men. Seeing Wonder Woman, a female superhero, and Cyborg, a black superhero, featured on the cereal box and on the free comic inside is worth talking about, and worth demanding more of. We don't have enough comic book characters, and especially superheroes, who represent all of us. ...more

No Girls Allowed: Superheroine movies that are not.

I spent my childhood reading source materials like Greek and Celtic myths, stuff like that....more

A Superhero Kegger: The Battle to Be The Life of the Party

Like many mothers of small boys, I am often asked to play superheroes. My son Michael has loved to engage me in this activity for a while now, ever since receiving a Batcave a few Christmases ago....more

A Mom's Review of Thor: The Dark World

Let me preface this review with statement that our household is a huge fan of the Avenger's and all things superhero!  So, I suppose going into the movie, we were slightly biased in being predisposed to liking the movie, but I will try to bring some objective reviewing to this article.   Thor: The Dark World is the follow up to the original Thor movies from 2 years ago, as well as building off the popular Avengers movie from 2012....more

Failing Wonder Woman

We're big superhero fans in this house....more