My Dog is a Superhero

My dog J. is a superhero.  His power is "the arse".  As in, he arses people. He's quite tall and long.  And, as the vet said, it seems to take quite a long time for the signals from his brain to reach his butt.  The result, a kind of Marilyn Monroe-like sway when he walks.  He has learned to use this to his advantage.  We call it the arse.  When J. wants your attention, when he wants to corner you, when he wants to knock you down so he can eat the peanut butter sandwich in your hand, you'll get the arse....more

When Superman Wants A Fairy Wand

Our son is sweet and funny and charming. He is currently obsessed with dressing like his soccer coach, builds jails for his dinosaurs and is often, as I once saw a boy described, "noise with some dirt on it". I don't quite know where this boy came from because as recently as 3 months ago he threw a tantrum over the fact that he did not receive "Fancy Nancy" dress up clothes like his twin sister did at birthday time. Poor boy....more

This parenting gig presents us with challenges we never thought we'd face and shows us things ...more

How to make a cheap, fast superhero costume

This Halloween, I knew what would be the perfect disguise for me.Super Mom!No one would ever guess that could be moi....more

Superhero Moments

    Sometimes, I feel like a Superhero.  Sadly, those things which cause me to feel like Wonder Woman or Bat Girl are often quite ordinary, normal things,  but when done in conjunction with each other or with seemingly superhuman speed, I can't help but congratulate myself for my amazing ability. ...more

i couldn't agree more!  i really love the "power of the day" phrase and may ...more