Please Don't Call Me a Supermom

When I tell people I've gone to the store, or out to eat, or made dinner, or gotten a few hours of work done, or some other apparently monumental task while being responsible for all four of my kids, I get exclamations of amazement. "You're a supermom!", they'll say. Or, "I only have two, and I can barely manage most nights!" Or, "I don't know how you do it!" I know these are meant as compliments and are honest reactions to something outside their own frame of reference. And I appreciate them as such....more
So True!  We all do our best.  Some of us do things I wish I could.  Others of us don't do ...more

Operation: FreeMom -- Let Go of SuperMom This Year

Yes. That’s me. At a friend’s wedding. She sent me this photo with the caption: “This is what happens when a mom gets out for a night without the kids!” I cracked up because it’s true, but I was sad because I don’t have this much fun very often. Being a mom can be hard. And I started thinking. This is the thought I keep thinking: There is too much pressure to be SuperMom. ...more
@JennaHatfield Ha... It looks like I don't get out much :)more

Supermom's List of Dirty Little Secrets

IIn a different life, I would be more detail-oriented and less cluttered, even while pregnant and with a two-and-a-half foot tornado we call Danny. My home would be immaculate without a dust bunny in sight, since that’s what all the other moms have...right?? No clutter, no spaghetti sauce dried on the walls from four days ago, an empty, freshly polished kitchen sink – all while the kids are patiently waiting at the kitchen table for instruction, their busy little hands crossed obediently in front of them....more

Score Some Weed

That's What Supermoms Are Made Of...

How can you define a supermom?  A pinch of "super" and a dash of "mom" come together to make up the title of "supermom".  But, what does that really mean?  What if we looked a little closer at the make-up of those two very key ingredients:...more

Fly, My Pretties!

Please Forgive Me...

Feeling Pinsecure? Let It Go, Super Mom!

Pinterest doesn't make us insecure or incompetent as mothers. Not having faith and confidence in ourselves and not loving ourselves and our fellow moms for who we are and what we do is what makes us feel like less than super moms. If we moms stopped selling ourselves short and stopped going "Mean Moms" on each other, we'd see that we are ALL awesome and super moms -- bloggy or non-bloggy -- just by being who we are....more
 @ActivityHero I totally agree!more