Fly, My Pretties!

Please Forgive Me...

Here is how to jazz up that Monday morning mom hair!

Investing your money in accessories is the way to go! because beauty and fashion trends are always changing and evolving it is a great idea to spend your money on things like a great bag, a fabulous pair of shoes and some chic hair accessories! Pulling your hair back and adding a chanel hairband for example will have the world thinking you one amazing super mom....more

Supermoms Are Overrated

A new study from the University of Washington in Seattle finds that while working outside the home is good for mothers’ mental health, so-called “supermoms” have higher rates of depression than those working moms who are willing to let go of their expectations of perfection at home and at work. “Supermoms” who set the unattainable goal of being perfect are more likely to be depressed, the study found. ...more
I can totally relate...we all wish we could have it all. The answer: we already do :)more

Well, I'm Back, Na-Na-Na-Na-Na Ah, it feels good to be flexing my blogging muscles! Actually, it feels even better given that me blogging means baby is sleeping...strapped to me in her Bjorn, but we can't have everything!Well, how have you been supermoms? I have been all over the board, these past few months....more

Ready... ...on your marks, supermoms...get set......more

A Balancing Act Hello, fellow supermoms and friends! It is not without some anguish that I post today to bid you all a adieu for awhile. I know I have been MIA a bit anyway, but I cannot just leave Project Supermom hanging!As I close in on my due date and put the finishing touches on a VERY big office restructure project, my body is feeling the wear and tear. I need to slow down and set things on the back burner...not something I'm very good at doing!...more

It's Greek to Me Finally, I have finished my myriad of experiments with Greek yogurt and can't wait to share my findings! As you have probably heard, read, or seen, Greek yogurt is popping up all over the health food scene....more

Resolutions Revisited Hello, my lovelies, and a happy mid-March greeting to you! Why so perky, you ask? Other than the fact that this week has seen a streak of mid-60s and warmer temps, sunny days, longer evenings, and the rechristening of several of my pairs of flip-flops (my poor, swollen feet are grateful!)?...more

Baby Weight All of a sudden, I very much feel pregnant...and, judging by t...more