After Sandy: Life on the South Shore of Long Island

My daughter, Carsen, is in Manhattan, and I am on the south shore of Long Island. We blogged about Superstorm Sandy from before it started through the day after. But the story continues below and on Carsen's Blog.Wednesday, October 31, 2012: Day 2 Post-Sandy“You have to stay in it to win it.”...more

Giddy, Disappointed, Inconvenienced, Ashamed, Awed, Concerned, Appreciative

A Journal of My Feelings For the Day7:30 AM - Giddy - Feeling a Connection to Ravens Playing in the WindDark outside, our house is okay, the streets are snowy slushy ground, - SO much fun to walk down to the seawall, lean forward into the powerful ocean wind and try to move forward with no success.  Afterwards, a jaunt through town on foot to check in on work and drive an employee home.  I felt great!  8:30 AM - Disappointed - Losses...more

Superstorm - Continues On! Thank Goodness for Funnels.

So...just MOMENTS after trying to get the video posted after having been out and about in the dark morning after weather, the POWER went out!We were prepared.  So we passed out flashlights, lit candles and covered the cracks in the doors to help preserve heat.  My son and I sat down to make Thanksgiving turkeys by candlelight and my husband played guitar.Totally idyllic....more
what a guy!more

Superstorm - The Morning After

Fantastic wind down on the ocean this morning! It was so strong I couldn't get close enough to really film it. The walk to the ocean was great.  About a block from my house, my hats flew off (winter hats flew off) and I had to turn and run about a block back to get them.  The temperatures have warmed up so the snow that is left is slushy and easy to walk in....more
I always love the first day after the storm it must be a beautiful sight :)more