How to be a Good Supervisor (Without Really Trying)

Recently, I decided to re-enlist in the Air National Guard. After being in the military for 12 years, I had to make a really big decision: did I want to let it all go and start a real civilian life, or did I want to stay and "get my 20" so I can receive retirement money when I'm old and wrinkly? Every Airman (or Marine, or Soldier, or Seaman) has to think about this every time their enlistment is close to being up. One thing I think we don't factor in is that if we stay, we will essentially become some one's boss. ...more
Thanks for the list Amiyrah! These are great reminders for managers and employees everywhere. ...more

My Sears supervisor rocks

At a recent staff meeting for cashiers at Sears, we were told that nobody, but nobody, would get time off around Thanksgiving (Black Friday). That would have seriously ruined my plans to visit my folks in WI for Thanksgiving for the first time in seven years. But I spoke to my supervisor privately after the meeting, and he said don't worry, I can have the time off - just keep it between us. That was extremely nice of him. I told him I would bring him back some cheese from Wisconsin as a reward. ...more