"Super Why!" Creator Asks: Does Jack Antonoff of Fun. FINALLY Make Me Cool?

COOL?! Could it be? Is TODAY the day? ...more
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Proof of the Power of Public TV

While I do enjoy whatever glitz I might receive from working in the "entertainment" biz, I really am a research geek at heart. There's nothing like having your hard work tested, then not only approved but given a confirmation that it is statistically effective by the top researchers in the country, and the icing...children will benefit from this work!...more

What does Leadership mean to you?


Autism and Empathy

We've been noticing something recently. Rachel really loves her brothers, Simon in particular. She has always been sensitive to his feelings and they have always demonstrated what I call a "twin bond" -- they only have to glance at each other and they seem to have a full detailed conversation. We have never been able to scold Simon in front of her, not because of the noise, but because it meant her brother was in trouble....more

Mean Girls and Where to Find the Nice Ones!

What do Chelsea Clinton and Alicia Keys have in common? They both rocked Vera Wang dresses this past weekend, in two very different ceremonies, as they exchanged their “I Do’s”. While an expecting Alicia married her DJ lover, Chelsea opted for the Wall Street Banker (doing her parents proud we are sure). Both weddings appeared in Google’s “top 10” trend list proving that we are either romantics at heart, or that we are simply happy to see two “nice girls” find love....more