How to speed up your metabolism quickly and safely: Benefits of dairy

Your goal: lose 20 pounds. And you feel as if you're doing everything right.You're dutifully dieting, substituting cottage cheese for breakfast and pushing away dreams of French toast. You take a baggie of carrot and celery sticks and a carton of plain yogurt to the office each day for lunch. You snack on more celery sticks and diet soda, and limit dinner to a skinless broiled chicken breast and a gigantic bowl of steamed broccoli without dressing....more

Supplements: All my questions answered by a Registered Dietitian!

Ever wonder which supplements you should take? Are they even healthy and safe? Is there a need or benefit for protien powder or crazy cleanses in your life? I sure did! So I was so excited when Elizabeth Somer, a Nutritionist, Editor-in-Chief of Nutrition Alert!, public speaker, and author of a variety of books including The Essential Guide to Vitamins and Minerals and Eat Your Way to Sexy, offered to answer some of my questions!...more

Common Questions About Vitamins

By Jo Garcia Lifestyle Blogger.Whether you are thinking about taking vitamins or already a regular user, you may still have some questions around these helpful nutritional supplements. You’re not alone in your curiosity, and that’s why we thought you might like to look at some FAQ’s that we most often receive about vitamin usage....more

"It's time to take your vitamins!"

While my daughter has never had a hard time taking her vitamins, I still enjoy finding creative ways to "serve" her supplements.  Often kids fight "vitamin time" but maybe with a little fun thrown in, they'll at least get some enjoyment out of it!  *smiles*  Look around the toy box, could the dinosaur "feed" your son or maybe a vitamin could slide off a princess wand into your daughter's mouth?  It's worth the effort if you have a picky kid.  *BIG grin*...more

Does your Skin Resemble a Grape or a Raisin?

I’ve heard it said that the difference between a grape and a raisin is moisture. That statement becomes truer each day that I get older. But I continue to fight the never ending daily battle to keep my skin looking like a grape....more

Vitamins and Health Nutritional Supplements May Boost Health, Says New Study

New Study Suggests Vitamins, Supplements Worth the Cost and EffortBy: Pamela Egan...more
A new study lends credence to the suggestion that people who regular supplement with vitamins, ...more

Supplements: Yes or No While Living (In Poverty) Local Food...more

From bad cholesterol to eczema .. back to basics

It all started out with my dearest friend Clare's lovely daughter who was about 4 years old at the time. Gorgeous little thing but plagued for the past 2 years of her young life by the most ruthless itch. Itch that wouldn't stop - itch that made her dig down to the bone. Eczema - the most common of childhood skin ailments. No rest for the little one, no rest for the mom - and many awake nights for their closest doctor friend - that's me - aunty Linda - doctor, cardiologist. Despair....more