The Benefits of Multi Vitamin Supplements

Video: My favorite vegan diet supplements

Vegan diet supplements are the subject of my video for this week. Every single one I discuss has worked really well for me, and I hope they give you some good ideas. ...more

Gym Update #9 + Product Reviews

Happy Friday!...more

Supplements: Do you know what you are putting in your body?

Do you take supplements?  Do you feel the benefits outweigh any risks?While I do believe some supplements can be beneficial for certain people, I am not a huge fan of supplements and I will tell you why…For one, I have always been a firm believer that the general public can get all of our nutritional needs from a healthy, well-nourished diet. Of course, that does not guarantee we can or will always eat as healthy as we should!...more
Read the rest of that article! The very next sentence says:  "FDA regulates dietary supplements ...more

Should I get my pollen on?

I have heard people suggest bee pollen to treat every single ailment! Seriously, you have a rash?  Bee pollen. Asthma?  Bee pollen. Digestive issues? Bee Pollen. Alcoholism? Yup, you guessed it! Bee pollen.  I was overhearing this conversation in public the other day, and I was just thinking, how can one supplement be able to cure everything and not everyone uses it?...more

Is there a way to make muscles faster and in less time?   ...more